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ROW80-2 checkin 5/23 - Local support

Settling into my new community more every day it seems. I did a Facebook page this week for our local Hintonburg Economic Development Committee, as well as setting up a Twitter account. Then last night I met up with the other admins to launch it - at a local pub of course, one that's a big supporter. As part of my neighbourhood ramblings I do try to buy local whenever I can. We have a good selection of local merchants still - local as in their own business, not part of a chain. Hopefully this area doesn't become so trendy that they can't afford to be here - have already seen that with a couple of places. May to October we also have a farmer's market nearby - not necessarily cheaper than the supermarket, but fresher. And the produce is often sold to you by friends and family of whomever grew it. We have a good local bookstore too, Collected Works, that offers much more than books, in order to stay competitive. They have book launches, readings, book club meetings, and a small cafe area. Good selection of books in house and they will order. Usually that works OK, but I did have one book I waited several weeks for, then finally had to go in and cancel - with regrets. I ordered from Amazon, added in another I wanted and got free shipping, right to my door in two business days. I'll ask the book store who they ordered from, and if they can do Amazon too. Would even pay a bit extra for the convenience of picking them up there, rather than wait at home for a delivery. The two books are both research for some next novel ideas I am thinking about - The Hard Facts of Grimm's Fairy Tales, and Guns, Germs, Steel (2nd ed).

On to my check in details : 

  • WIP - it's resting  
  • Flash Fiction - did another one for Flash Fiction Friday. Had to use the words frenetic, hobbit, and cummerbund. And I added in The Fairy Tale Folk.   
  • Blogs - doing well - once I caught up was easier to say current 
  • Social Media - yup - I'll have some please.
  • Exercise - I've seen some articles discussing how we are losing the war against obesity. Or even against being overweight. Diets, drugs - many try, but few succeed. They recommended to focus instead on exercise -ideally walking. Give the patient a pedometer, tell them to add 500 steps a day and come back in two weeks to see how they are doing. I do try to walk more here, but pretty casual so far. Found my pedometre, wearing it now as I sit at my computer. Nope - no change yet.
  • Reading - fiction - nothing on the go. Next sci-fi is  Ready Player One.
  • Reading - non-fiction - almost done The Hard Facts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales, but have own copy now.
  • other - not too bad with distractions this time - grandchildren, urban art photos, sit-coms. 




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I love all of the neighborhood activities you're doing. It's so great to be part of a community that way. That said, I think we have to find a balance between local and regular life. Sometimes we have to go with what's available. If we're at least making a good effort to stay mostly local, I think that ends up working best in the long run.

As for the pedometer...you mean it won't change when sitting at a desk? And I thought something was wrong with mine! ;)

I have to go read the frenetic hobbit cummerbund story now...

Eden Mabee

The whole local bookstore thing.... Yep, I know how that can be. Our local bookstore closed, and she was running everything from crafting and yoga sessions and a cafe in the store. =( Sometimes there just isn't enough of a market in an area...and in a depressed farming community at the edge of the Catskill Mts the line at the dollar store and the food pantry are always longer than any line for books.

It's good we have an amazing library (in Greenville), and oddly enough, some of the best pizza and homemade chocolates in a 150 mile radius.

It's strange what makes a neighborhood what it is.

As for the exercising, Mike, try just raising up the computer and standing more. Even not adding those 500 steps, you are still working balance muscles. And if you do what I've started doing -- sitting for 20 minute typing bursts and then standing for 5 minutes, then doing 5 squats -- you're also adding extra muscle work.

You are always inspiring. Just figured I would let you know that.


I have a great library just a few blocks away, part of the city wide network. Books all listed online, complete with a way to reserve too, and they send an email when ready. Or about to be overdue, so I can return or renew. Great system. But - sometimes - I do want my own copy of a book, so start with my local store before searching further afield. I try to do that with all local merchants.
Thanks for the exercise ideas - I'll try using the iPad standing up when I check blogs and such.
And pleased I can be inspiring to anyone - I must say I find you and the rest of the writers here in The Internets all a source of inspiration. Writing can be a solitary pursuit, nice to have our "community".

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