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ROW80-2 checkin 5/27 On the Ice Road


Yet another distraction - damn you Internet!!! I recently found a link to a Youtube channel with past episodes of Ice Road Truckers online. I used to watch this show a few years ago, but had to cut back on TV and boost other things up my list - like writing. But I started watching these a few days ago and couldn't stop! Just one more, just one more, and then it's 2 am again. The annoying thing is that for me they're not really that entertaining. Good enough to keep me watching, not good enough that I feel moved or changed by what I see. More annoyed than anything it seems. The big deal is the danger of ice roads - but no one ever breaks through. That would likely be fatal - I get that - but how many times can you show shots of cracks in ice, underwater views of a truck passing overhead, driver white knuckled and talking about all the cracking noises? OK - rhetorical question - because the answer is that apparently you can show that scene, with a few tweaks - at least once each show, for five seasons. Other than that, put in a mix of characters, roll the cameras, and start pulling the puppet strings.

This is 'reality tv', a big market, a good way to produce shows cheaply, to satisfy the voyeur in the viewer. And to show us how to write a cheesy script. 

Speaking of writing, I need to get this post done and tackle some objectives. Status is OK, but these need a change of focus from so much time on "other'".

  • Taxes - yes, a new objective, non-writing, but very late for this so I need to get some tiny steps done. 
  • The Plan - maybe another new one - if I'm serious about being a writer, maybe I should have an an overall career plan.
  • WIP - it's still resting, but I'm starting to get curious about how it's doing in that box. I did poke some air holes in the lid.  
  • Flash Fiction - did one for Terrible Minds - on a colour. Or several. It was fun, and a topic I've done a lot with - youth as writers. Sorry - no Fairy Tale Folk. 
  • Blogs - doing well - once I caught up was easier to say current. I use my iPad often for this, as part of exercise. See below.
  • Social Media - Doing even more with a new community group I joined, so hard to focus on social media as related to my writing
  • Exercise - been using my pedometer for a few days. I'm not at the 10,000 steps a day many seem to recommend, but it does serve as a reminder on those days I haven't been very mobile. Also trying to use the iPad for more online reading of blogs, even at home. That way I can stand and read - just put it on a shelf in front of me.
  • Reading - fiction - Next sci-fi is  Ready Player One. For now have One Breath Away, by Heather Gudenkauf. It's her third, coming out June 26th - this is an advanced copy I picked up for free last weekend. Community had an art in the park event, and local independent bookstore had a table there.
  • Reading - non-fiction - paused - distracted
  • other
    • local art in the park event
    • lots of photos of musicians on the patio at my local
    • too many episodes of Ice Road Truckers
    • video game, Arma II. My son talked me into this - I'm not really a video game person but he likes this and want me to join his team online. Like I have the time! Game is a few years old, recently took off when someone added a Zombie mod. You walk/drive/fly around, collect weapons and things, and kill zombies. This may suck even more time out my life than Ice Road Truckers did. So far had to buy a new video card, plus the game.




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