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It has been a delightful weekend. Friday I got the link - and money - for my first published work - a flash fiction at the Pittsburg Flash Fiction Gazette. WooHoo! Nice feeling. Maybe I should look at submitting more of the stories I've put up here so far. 2011 11 02_0179aMany sites prefer original non published work, but that just means I re-work the stories a bit. Flash Fiction Chronicles has a very good list of sites, including some that pay. Might even have to add a list on my blog of links to published work. Wouldn't that be nice. Friday was a lovely day to get out and take some photos of some urban art too, and chat up some friends as they painted. Saturday I dropped downtown to grab some more photos,
then back home to go on a a Jane's Walk. This is a series of neighbourhood walks done every year in many cities to celebrate the ideas and vision of Jane Jacobs. There were many choices in Ottawa on Saturday and Sunday, the one I picked was a Foodie Tour of Hintonburg - my hood. We stopped by a number of local places, most new, and heard from the owners why they had opened up there. They all loved the area basically, and saw it's recent expansion as a great opportunity to be part of it - many were local residents already it turned out. After the walk, tired and thirsty, I dropped in with a friend to my local for a cold beer on the sunny patio. Many friends there, plus good music from Saturday's open stage jam. Sunday was a visit to a friend's to cheer on her staging and cleaning in preparation for selling her house - and do some actual work too. Then I sat in the sun in her yard and read over a set of short stories for a friend - all good ones by the way. Made some notes on the stories, next step is to edit online and return them to her. Also sipped some red wine and munched on some excellent Rice Krispie squares. These started with the standard butter, cereal, and marshmallows, then added some raisins, nuts, seeds, and dried cranberries, and finished with a large dollop of Bailey's. Very healthy. And of course used my iPad to catch up on some online things.

So - the objectives:

  • WIP - nope - still at page 70. Taking a break, I'll get to it. 
  • Flash Fiction - did another one for Terrible Minds, based on a military operation title. Fairy tale folk wormed their way in of course. And the news, noted above, of my first published - and paid - work. Maybe need to add an objective to submit one story a week to an publisher.
  • Blogs - doing well - caught up on all the ones I'm reading. Not a lot of comments, but I will get there.
  • Social Media - some writers are on Twitter, but most are via Facebook. Some directly there, some in the groups ROW80, Creative Writing Circle, and Ottawa Writers
  • Exercise - happening here and there - nice days so try to extend any trip from A to B with a detour.
  • Reading - fiction - finished The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fford. 
  • Reading - non-fiction - almost done The Hard Facts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales. 
  • Other
    • went to the reading of some Grimm tales at my local bookstore. Was OK, but I had hoped for more background on the stories. The reading was put on by The Ottawa Storytellers, the speakers were very interesting an animated. Was a big audience, and mostly women I noted. Hmmm. 
    • joined the Ottawa Independant Writers, a local group. Looks like good support and networking, They have speakers in too - next one is titled Short Story Wriring and Flash Fiction.
    • more graff photos taken, and older ones edited and added to Flickr




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You writer's life style is one I hope to one day enjoy. You sound like you are content and yet are moving ever forward. Congrats, enjoy and thanks for positing.


Thanks Belle - is a busy life style, but fun.

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