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Contemplate Service

Here's the latest challenge from Terrible Minds - to write a story about a band.

TM 2012/6/22 - That's My New Band Name

It’s been a very music-themed week for me. I’ve been listening and connecting to music in ways I haven’t in a while, in terms of narrative — which reminds me, go get the new Fiona Apple album. For reals.

Anyway. What that means is, in this challenge, I want you to write a story about a band.

 The name of that band? Well, click here  to choose one.

 There you’ll get a buncha random band names. Choose one. That’s the band.

 You’ve got up to 1000 words.

 Post it on your blog. Link back here so we can read it. You’ve got one week. Due by noon EST on Friday, June 29th. 

 Let’s see whatchoo got, band geeks.


My names were:

  • Adversity Brazil 
  • Mainly Execution 
  • Former Object Of The Necro Protocol
  • Decay Of Accident
  • Fake Cheddam 
  • Cavern Of The Septic Holiday 
  • Diving Pavement And The Stimpy Bazooka 
  • Contemplate Service
  • Latitude Of Scene
  • Fever Of The Everyday Flag 

I did a Fairy Tale Folk thing. 806 words.

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Fairy Tale Felon

This week's challenge from Flash Fiction Friday was to write about a detective.

F3 - Cycle 85: The Great Detective

My grandfather passed this last Friday, and where I would have normally covered or picked up any slack my fellow moderators may have left due to conflicts of life, there were more important issues obviously to deal with.

 My grandfather was an avid reader. Many of the books in my collections are ones he passed on to me. He was never one to keep bookshelves or to look back. He knew I had wrote, but I shared very little of my writing with him. In part because my writing wasn’t his typical reading, he liked a good mystery, but not so much crime fiction. You can’t solve crime fiction before the pages end, and that’s what intrigued him most about mystery, applying his senses and solving the mystery before the master sleuth. He would have been a great detective.

So to honor my grandfather, I want you to write a short about a would be detective thrown into a mystery of your own design. Will this be his first mystery or his last?

Because my grandfather didn’t believe on limits in life, you can take your story as long as necessary, it only need to be a detective story and well due by Friday morning at 9am.

 Prompt: Write a story about a would be detective.

Genre: Detective/Mystery

Word Count: Open

Deadline: Friday June 29, 9 am


I decided to put my band of Fairy Tale Folk at a crime scene, and let one of them be a detective. 1428 words. 

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This week's  challenge  from Terrible Minds was based on a photo of a tree.

TM 2012/6/15 - The Crooked Tree

It’s a snapshot of a crooked tree in some fog (a tree that is, so you should know, no longer present — it broke and is gone). 1522664805_98e29cf44d_z
It’s maybe one of my favorite images — I’m a woefully amateurish photographer and when I take a shot that looks like something more than my intent for it rather than less, I’m always pleased.
And I think this photo has a lot of story potential.
What kind of potential? Well, that’s on you.
Horror, fantasy, literary, whatever.
You have up to 1000 words.
Post at your online domicile, link back here.
You’ve got till Friday, June 22nd, at noon (EST).
Tell us about that crooked tree, won’t you?


I wrote this story on a very hot day, so the images of cool mist were a pleasant change. The story is short, it was mostly about the setting. And with a twist at the end of course. 

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ROW80-2 checkin 6/20 - and, scene!


So here we are my friends, done with another Round of Words. Second one for me, and went well I think. Added more objectives, met some, missed some. Working toward a balance I guess. Still in London, looking at apartments (not for me), wandering the town. Did a Flash Fiction today- some in the backyard in the shade, some in a local pub with free wi-fi. Hope to take more pics, and do more writing. Biggest challenge has been trying to do my writing and blogging with my iPad. Next trip I'll bring my netbook.

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