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Cat Fight

This was for Flash Fiction Friday. Here's what the  challenge  was:

F3 - Cycle 84 - Tick, Tick, Boom

Director Alfred Hitchcock had this to say about suspense versus surprise:
“There’s two people having breakfast and there’s a bomb under the table. If it explodes, that’s a surprise. But if it doesn’t…”
That’s suspense. The dread hanging over the characters like the Sword of Damocles, suspended by a single hair. In the best suspense stories, you actually feel the writer’s fingers around your heart, pumping you like a Martian squeeze toy, making you flip pages faster and faster.
It’s not easy. Oh, the literary critics scoff at suspense writers. Say it’s the easy way out, giving us a terrible outcome to dread. To do it properly, you have to make us care about the poor character tiptoeing on the ice of laser shark lake. And that’s not always easy. I mean, you don’t want readers cheering for the shark, do you?
My challenge to you, is to use Hitchcock’s ticking bomb. It can be an actual bomb. It can be a figurative one. You have 1500 words. Make every one of them count, so we care about your character when the bomb goes off… or they defuse it.
Cue: Write a story of gripping suspense, with a “ticking bomb” of some sort.
Genre: Suspense (may be mixed with fantasy, western, SF, horror… any)
Word Count: 1500
Deadline: Your own ticking time bomb! When the bell tolls at midnight on Wednesday June 21st!

Had a lot of trouble thinking of a story to write, to add suspense to. I ended up looking on Flash Fiction Chronicles for a daily prompt - picked this one for some words to think of, and a quote.


Quote - Not the power to remember, but it's very opposite, the power to forget, is a necessary condition for our existence - Saint Basil

Story then came OK - big challenge then was to get it into my blog via an iPad - what a pain. Will go back and format a bit more and edit once I get home - this will be a draft. 

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ROW80-2 checkin 6/17 - Travelin' Man

Traveled to London, near the Thames River, to visit with friends for the week. That's London, Ontario. Hitched a ride with a friend who is moving down and apartment hunting. Me - I'll be wandering city looking for photo ops, including graffiti murals. Soaking up local colour. And trying to get some writing done. Brought iPad and wireless keyboard, found some free wi-fi. Almost end of the ROW80 session, I'm still hangin' in there.

  • Taxes - did more filing and sorting, actually made some progress.
  • The Plan - still plan on using Pickle Jar concept, doing some big rocks first. I'll use this next ROW80. Because of course I'll do the next one too.
  • WIP - back on my desk, got about 10 pages done. Slight progress, but is progress.
  • Daily writing - yes - working on more Flash Fiction stories, at least 2 a week. Up to 32 now I think.
  • Flash Fiction - finished one for Terrible Minds , a romance this time.
  • Blogs - slipping. I'll need to re-examine these I think, maybe drop 1-2. 
  • Social Media - yes please. Doing it.
  • Exercise - still going well - will walk a lot while here.
  • Reading - fiction - Still working on Ready Player One. Listened to on drive down, but also reading on my iPad. 
  • Reading - non-fiction - none
  • other stuff - 
    • drove for 7 hours. Stopped and traded in my very old Tilley hat for a (free) new one. Did some tourist things here. 

Aisle Nine in the Grocery Store

This week's challenge from Terrible Minds was to choose your setting - from a list of six.

TM 2012/6/08 - Choose Your Setting

The settings are:

  •  The Bone Cathedral
  •  Aisle Nine In The Grocery Store
  •  The Venom Club
  •  The Tower of Babel
  •  Suburban Meth Lab
  •  Tiny’s Taco Hut

Choose one.

Write about it.

You’ve got up to 1000 words.

Post at your online space, then link back here.

Done by June 15th (Friday), noon EST.

My choice of settings is below, just over 800 words. Standard disclaimer of course - all names names & places purely fictitous. 

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ROW80-2 checkin 6/13 - Just being here

Sorry, not much today other than status update. I'm trying to use my iPad for this- it's been a challenge. Typepad has an iPad app. but it's pretty limited. Can log in via Safari, but text is fixed size, tiny, and only supports HTML. But - saved by iCab Mobile browser, supports Rich Text and HTML. Still - ended up doin this on my pc - so much easier clicking with a mouse.

So - for today:

  • Taxes - no more progress
  • The Plan - still plan on using Pickle Jar concept - slipped a bit here - not enough big rocks.
  • WIP - back on my desk, but no progress
  • Daily writing - yes - working on more Flash Fiction stories
  • Flash Fiction - finished one for Flash Fiction Friday - Hunter or Helper?  
  • Blogs - staying within the last day.
  • Social Media - not following all I'd like to
  • Exercise - still going well - keeping at 7-10 k step range on pedometer,
  • Reading - fiction - Still working on Ready Player One. Reading on my iPad. 
  • Reading - non-fiction - none
  • other stuff - 
    • visit grandkids. They played Tozzle on iPad - great puzzle game. I scored an Ikea Poang chair my son was chucking - have two now, for a little conversation spot, just in case I have company.