Hunter or Helper?
Aisle Nine in the Grocery Store

ROW80-2 checkin 6/13 - Just being here

Sorry, not much today other than status update. I'm trying to use my iPad for this- it's been a challenge. Typepad has an iPad app. but it's pretty limited. Can log in via Safari, but text is fixed size, tiny, and only supports HTML. But - saved by iCab Mobile browser, supports Rich Text and HTML. Still - ended up doin this on my pc - so much easier clicking with a mouse.

So - for today:

  • Taxes - no more progress
  • The Plan - still plan on using Pickle Jar concept - slipped a bit here - not enough big rocks.
  • WIP - back on my desk, but no progress
  • Daily writing - yes - working on more Flash Fiction stories
  • Flash Fiction - finished one for Flash Fiction Friday - Hunter or Helper?  
  • Blogs - staying within the last day.
  • Social Media - not following all I'd like to
  • Exercise - still going well - keeping at 7-10 k step range on pedometer,
  • Reading - fiction - Still working on Ready Player One. Reading on my iPad. 
  • Reading - non-fiction - none
  • other stuff - 
    • visit grandkids. They played Tozzle on iPad - great puzzle game. I scored an Ikea Poang chair my son was chucking - have two now, for a little conversation spot, just in case I have company. 



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