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ROW80-2 checkin 6/03 - The Plane! The Plane!

I mean the plan, the plan. Maybe too early a reference for some of you. Nevermind - I still think I need a plan, the how to be a better/rich writer plan. I've a couple of novels to edit, a third one to outline before NaNoWriMo 2012 in November, and flash fiction piling up. Plus a lot of day to day non-writer things, it's surprising how 'busy' retirement can be. Oh - and now it's summer and getting to be too nice to sit inside behind a keyboard.

So - the objectives:

  • Taxes - first steps are sorting through papers to make sure have all the necessary documents - dining table cleared, 3/4 way through sorting/filing  
  • The Plan - found a couple of good links, but it's basically the same as I did in my QA/Project Management days. Where do you want to be, where are you know, what are your strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/threats? Your vision, mission, goals, SMART objectives, action plan - I know all the steps, that's not the issue. 
  • WIP - it's still resting,thinking about it. Such as - what if main character was 'adopted' by a raven. 
  • Daily writing - another new objective, is recommend as a habit to develop, even if only a 500 word character sketch. I've two 100 word flash fictions a week, so just have to fill in three more day. Did a couple already, using the daily prompts form the Flash Fiction Chronicles' FaceBook page
  • Flash Fiction - did a couple. One for Friday Flash Fiction, on fear. And one for Terrible Minds, starting from a random sentence. 
  • Blogs - doing well, still current.
  • Social Media - going OK. 
  • Exercise - still have pedometer, been keeping in the 7000-12000 step range. Helps to encourage me to get out on a slow day. Listen to my new favorite band while I walk - Concrete Blonde
  • Reading - fiction - Next sci-fi is  Ready Player One - have a request into the library for the e-book version. I can read on my iPad. For now, was reading One Breath Away, by Heather Gudenkauf. Done now. It's an advance copy, coming out in July. Will do a little review and send it in. I did like the book.
  • Reading - non-fiction - none
  • other
    • played some video game with my son online - Aram II. 
    • visited with friends about getting my guitar case painted - a raven!




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