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ROW80-2 checkin 6/10 - Pickle Jar

First off, I'd like to pass on a tip from Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds via a poster, on  The Secret of Writing. I've put it on my iPad as the wallpaper, so that I see it whenever I boot up. Showed it to a journalist friend - he agreed with it. Feel free to download it yourself here from Flickr, Chuck has added it there with a Creative Commons licence. 7335643838_52d6022ab6_o (Copy)

I also picked up some good tips lately from Krissy, at Krissy Media Ink. Her posts talked about starting over, just doing a reset when you're way behind in everything, when it's so piled up it drives you crazy and pushes you into a jittery loop of indecision. Where nothing gets done, or when It does, it's either too little to feel good or it's a little detailed part that doesn't budge the big ticket items at all. Trash the list, take a break, re-examine the priorities and try again. She also talks about filling the pickle jar. Big rocks first, then pebbles, then sand, then water. My big rocks are directly related to my writing career, like editing, writing. Pebbles support it, research and outlines, non-fiction, how to write blogs. Sand is fun stuff for me, reading other writers stuff, fiction. Water is the little stuff, that can consume hours and never really be done - like Facebook and twitter.

So is that where I am now, ready to reset? No, not quite ready to bail - that's why ROW80 is only 80 days. We already have a planned reset, as long as can hang out until the end. But I did take the pickle jar to heart, and looked at my rocks. Like editing- picked up my WIP, figured out where I was, and did some editing. Not a lot, but was good to get at it again. Then I did some writing. I had a Flash Fiction I'd started last week, so just wanted to add a few hundred to it. Got caught up in it, kept going until done at about 1200 words. Because, of course, we write because it's fun. The characters took the story a little nastier than I had planned, but that's part of the fun.


So - progress:

  • Taxes - nicely filing and sorting papers and forms on the dining room table, then somone dumped all sorts of stuff on top of it all. Damn them.
  • The Plan - I may use GanttProject later, but for now the plan is the pickle jar.
  • WIP - back on my desk, mostly catching up to where I was, filling in a few gaps. On page 67 now, seem to have slid back a few.
  • Daily writing - trying to do some each day. See above - carried away today, added to about 100 word starter to get a 1200 wd? story. Link below.
  • Flash Fiction - finished one, for Flash Fiction Chronicles. Momma's Boy.
  • Blogs - caught up today.
  • Social Media - following several FaceBook groups - ROW80, Creative Writing Circle, and Ottawa Writers.
  • Exercise - still going well - keeping at 7-10 k step range on pedometer,
  • Reading - fiction - Downloaded next sci-fi book for our little club - Ready Player One. Reading on my iPad. Also listened to The Veldt - by Ray Bradbury, read by Stephen Colbert. Then listened to The Veldt, by Deadmau5 and Chris James – lyrics inspired by the short story – 
  • Reading - non-fiction - none
  • other
    • dropped by some galleries and open stage music jams.
    • did a DVD of pics for collage friend is doing




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