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ROW80-2 checkin 6/17 - Travelin' Man

Traveled to London, near the Thames River, to visit with friends for the week. That's London, Ontario. Hitched a ride with a friend who is moving down and apartment hunting. Me - I'll be wandering city looking for photo ops, including graffiti murals. Soaking up local colour. And trying to get some writing done. Brought iPad and wireless keyboard, found some free wi-fi. Almost end of the ROW80 session, I'm still hangin' in there.

  • Taxes - did more filing and sorting, actually made some progress.
  • The Plan - still plan on using Pickle Jar concept, doing some big rocks first. I'll use this next ROW80. Because of course I'll do the next one too.
  • WIP - back on my desk, got about 10 pages done. Slight progress, but is progress.
  • Daily writing - yes - working on more Flash Fiction stories, at least 2 a week. Up to 32 now I think.
  • Flash Fiction - finished one for Terrible Minds , a romance this time.
  • Blogs - slipping. I'll need to re-examine these I think, maybe drop 1-2. 
  • Social Media - yes please. Doing it.
  • Exercise - still going well - will walk a lot while here.
  • Reading - fiction - Still working on Ready Player One. Listened to on drive down, but also reading on my iPad. 
  • Reading - non-fiction - none
  • other stuff - 
    • drove for 7 hours. Stopped and traded in my very old Tilley hat for a (free) new one. Did some tourist things here. 


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alberta ross

sounds like fun travel- pictures will be good - do you really have a Thames in a London over there? your writing- short stories seem to be doing well - glad you're back next round - it's a good group isn't it? keep smiling

Beach Bum

Started a decent story for Friday Flash Fiction but we left for vacation Sunday afternoon without me finishing. Will try to get it done tonight.

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