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ROW80-2 checkin 6/20 - and, scene!


So here we are my friends, done with another Round of Words. Second one for me, and went well I think. Added more objectives, met some, missed some. Working toward a balance I guess. Still in London, looking at apartments (not for me), wandering the town. Did a Flash Fiction today- some in the backyard in the shade, some in a local pub with free wi-fi. Hope to take more pics, and do more writing. Biggest challenge has been trying to do my writing and blogging with my iPad. Next trip I'll bring my netbook.

Here's my objectives, this last round and overall:

  • Taxes - nothing this week, but have some prep work done. Just need to collect the papers from files, load up the program, and go. I know, sounds so easy.
  • The Plan - like the Pickle Jar concept, doing some big rocks first. I'll use this next ROW80. Also need a schedule with it, for writing, editing both WIP's, prepping for the next one, getting my stories published, etc.
  • WIP - not a lot this round, but did get rolling again at the end.
  • Daily writing - working on more Flash Fiction stories, at least 2 a week. Good training, and fun. 
  • Flash Fiction - finished one for Flash Fiction Friday. 
  • Blogs - seem to catch up, then slip a few days behind. may have too many on the list.
  • Social Media - as above - may have too many on the list. Too many Facebook and Twitter friends, Was a lot more into politics and poli-bloggers and various hip-hop things. Now am more into writing.
  • Exercise - still going well - walking while here, and also eating well at my friends' place!
  • Reading - fiction - Still working on Ready Player One. Listened to on drive down, only half way I think.  May finish on the trip back, or read on iPad when I get back. 
  • Reading - non-fiction - none lately. Did some this Round, have some on my list. 
  • other stuff -  last few days, touristy stuff. last ROW80, lots of odds and ends. Too many, need to do those big rocks first.





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shah wharton

You always sound so laid back Mike, I love it. In fact, what with just reading Shan's ever calming reasoning and your laid back attitude, I'm losing my burn to get back into my edits. I may have to stop blogging for a while Or I'll get nothing done... and I need no help procrastinating. But I can get myself in a wound up mess of stress! So swings and roundabouts. Your in London... we just came back from there... do visit the Borough Market at London Bridge if you've not already. Its wonderful (I have pics up on my blog at my ROW80 post, along with stunning views from the Oxo Tower restaurant. Seriously kapow! I used to live there (eons ago) - Kentish Town/Catford then Brockley. It's a busy life-style if you work 9-5pm (the tubes punctuating ones work days can lose it's spark after a week or so). :)

Enjoy your break... hope you find what you're looking for and get some sun (we had some rain, but over all it was marvellous weather). See you next round..


Thx Shah. Laid back or busy-busy-busy,it's all relative. Always been fairly mellow I think, but I would like to be able to get more done in ROW80. Still figuring out how many objectives to add, and how to add priorities to them.
I do like the blogging part though, makes sure that I'm in there at least twice a week. That way I keep track of my to do list every day, as I know I'll be holding myself accountable. But I do know I'm pretty easy on myself too. No point in beating yourself up I figure, there are always lots of people ready to do that for you. If you let them.
As for London- that's the Ontario one, right? I will get down to the Thames though and find a bridge to snap a pic of as London Bridge. I did get to Convent Garden market already. I'll take another pic.

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