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ROW80-3 check-in 7/15 - stinkin' hot

Jeez - yes, it's stinkin' hot. Up in the low 30's, Humidex pushes it into the 40's. Luckily my apartment is sort of air-conditioned. Gets up to 28 occasionally, but humidity is low so is fine. Could be worse, but could be better too.

Haven't gone out much - don't have to. I'm a writer, so all my writing/reading/blogging tasks can be done quite fine here at home. Or down the street in the a/c of the coffee shop. Or my local tavern, although I'm trying to avoid it for a while, to save my waistline/liver/wallet! Shopping is saved for the evening, when it's cooler.

My focus - since the Thursday check in, was to be on editing my WIP, writing another Flash, walking/scheduling, and more paperwork.

  • Editing - added and deleted words and pages, so looks like not much progress. But did spend 2-3 hours on it, so count that as something.
  • Writing - did another story for Terrible Minds, a modern take on a fairy tale. Did one with little Hansel and Gretel, and a nasty woman with a camera and web site. 
  • learning - blogs (reading and commenting) - doing well, will keep the list I have.
    • reading - fiction - finished Acedem's Fury, second in series. Good thing I don't have the next one. Yet. Also put in a request for library ebook of his Dresden Files series.
    • reading - non-fiction - need to pick one, don't want one of my how-to-write ones, as I'm in the middle of editing and confused enough. Subscribed to a free plotting course from Holly Lisle, she includes a list of 365 recommended books - might be one there.
  • walking/scheduling. Try to get out when it's cooler, doing OK at this.
  • paperwork - still all there, looking at me sadly as I walk by
  • TV - more True Blood

So - until Wednesday, my focus:

  • editing - keep it up, try do do early morning 
  • writing - story due Wednesday morning, 7am. 250 wds. Another story for Wednesday at 9pm. 1414 wds 
  • health - keep up the walking, try for more structure and routine. 
  • chores - as in filing - need to bribe myself.


Just for reference, my overall objectives: 

  •  Writer (7) - writing for fun, but also working to become a better writer. Writing every day, editing. Reading about writing, books and blogs, as well as networking.
    • Editing (2) - this will be a fixed early task. 2 hrs ?? 10 pages/day 
      • Due North. First pass pencil edit done. Now do online. Approx 315 double-spaced pages, starting at page 81.  
      •  Due North 2 - sequel. About 260 pages. TBD – cleanup scenes synopsis and notes, print, revise, type in.  
    •  Writing (1) - Flash Fiction stories. 2/wk, 3 hrs each, so an hour. 
    • Publishing (1/2) -nothing like rejection/acceptance to hone your skills
      • Short Stories (1/4) – Flash fiction. New, or edit existing. Take from blog while submitting. Use market survey from Flash Fiction Chronicles, aim to send in one a week. 
      •  Fairy Tale Folk (1/4)- pull them together into collection. Start with a spreadsheet – story, characters, their traits, their development, good for ongoing stories too. Edit if time. Not a high priority this round. 
  •  Learning/sharing (3 1/2) 
    • Blogs (1) - maybe too many subscriptions. Track them all for a week and rate them.
    • Facebook (1/2) - ROW80 group, Ottawa Writers, Creative Writing Circle, and NaNoWriMo Ottawa. 
    • Podcasts (1) - have set up a few, mostly on writing. Can follow these while walking or cooking.
    • Reading (1) - non-fiction, to entertain and learn. 
    • Reading (1) - fiction, to entertain and learn. 
  • Health (2 1/2) - not a lot of time, but needs to be a main item. 
    • Walking (1) - can be an evening activity too. With podcasts. Will aim for 10,000 steps.
    • Exercise/sports (1/2) -Short morning yoga session. Floor exercises? Bike? 
    • Diet – Better food, less alcohol (healthier and cheaper). 
    • Schedule - hopefully this will be healthy addition too. 
    • Friends and family (1) - just to make sure don't get stuck inside doing all these tasks
  •  Chores (2) - the boring stuff. Cleaning, laundry, shopping. And taxes.
  • TV (1)
  • Total 11.25







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Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow)

Nice to see you Mike! I haven't been by in awhile. Just reading your goals exhausts me. :) I have four on my check in. Glad you are doing well. Hope you have a good week!



I decided to add goals in each area, then try to do some of each. Might be a little ambitious, but that way I always have lots of room for improvement. Week going well so far, thx, same to you.

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