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ROW80-3 check in 8/15 - still not editing

I'm doing OK on my ROW80 objectives, especially the course I started, but there still are some annoying gaps. Like editing. I do like the two novels I did, and would like to see them magically finished, it's this middle part that's bogged down. Luckily I'm not alone, many share my distaste for this process. I always seem to find something to bump editing down the list - I might even get my taxes done instead! 

On to things I AM getting done - like my course. I'm spending about 15 hours a week on it - reading, writing, grading, following the discussion forums. So far we've done a unit on The Grimms' Tales, Alice in Wonderland, and Dracula. I submitted my essay in Tuesday, and evaluated some others - six this time. The quality varies, still some bad, and one great, the rest were average. Today we get our assessment grade backs, access to a series of videos by the prof on Dracula, and start on the Frankenstein unit. I ordered a couple of versions of the book from the library Monday - they still show as 'in transit'. As are the copies of Dracula I ordered a week earlier. I gave up on those and drove to another branch to get a copy, but will wait and see how long it does take. We have links to free online copies of the books, but I like a hard copy for this, to add post-it notes to and thumb back and forth.  

I did another story too, for Flash Fiction Friday. Theme for this one was the moon and its effects - appropriate enough since this August has three full moons. I'm still managing to keep current on the blogs I follow on writing, and and have commented back on some stories too. And of course, Misfits is still on my list, although the initial rush has worn off. Sometimes I don't even watch a whole episode at one go. 

Focus now is finishing off the Dracula unit and starting on Frankenstein. Plus, a flash fiction for Friday, based on one of three suggested opening sentences. As for my spare time, that will be for editing and/or taxes. 

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Many Moons

This week's prompt form Flash Fiction Friday relates to the two moons of August.

Did you know there will be two full moons this month? I’m sure that this rare celestial event could feature prominently in your stories this week. How does the blue moon figure in? I know in my family, we all become not quite ourselves during a full moon. There’s grumpiness, anxiety, irrational behavior and often then need for a Big Mac.
Why don’t we explore the idea of lunacy or being moonstruck. I can see these stories going from being crazy to being in love…but then what really is the difference between the two? I suggest that we write stories that feature the full moon and the characters that are transformed by it one way or another.
Prompt: Write a story that features a full moon and its effects on characters in the story.
Word Limit: 1,300
Genre: Open
Deadline: Wednesday, August 15th at 9:00 p.m. ET

I decided if one moon at a time can play with us, what about three? And why not a new viewpoint for an older guy - that of a young girl entering puberty. Here's my story - 709 words. 

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ROW80-3 check in 8/12 - Misfits

I started watching this British sci-fi series. I'm part way through Season 2 already - so much for focusing on my ROW80 objectives! Damn fine series though. 

Main focus was to be to read Dracula, for my course. Long day, so will get right to where I'm at. 

  • blogs - caught up on ones I'm following. Commented on some, as well as on other stories in Flash Fiction Friday. 
  • reading - mostly fiction - Dracula, for my course. Had two copies on hold from library, came up for me and were 'in transit' since last Tuesday and still in that status. Drove over to another local library branch and got a copy. I'll see when these turn up and then find out what their metric is for this. Whether it's something like 'most copies arrive within a few days' or 'our target is for 90% to arrive within two business days'. I suspect the former. Annoying. Back to the book - finished it, pages fluttering with neon post-its. Have an idea for essay, will write tomorrow. Then start reading Frankenstein.   

Next few days - Essay due Tuesday. Start Frankenstein - maybe via Adobe Reader. Flash Fiction Friday story due Wednesday.

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ROW80-3 check in 8/08 - the easy life

I admit to friends now about being a writer. Yes, I've finally come out of the closet, stood up in the circle, and admitted to it with, "Hi, I'm Mike, and I'm a writer". So I talk to them about it and - after they find out I'm not wealthy from it, with a book list they can go out and buy - many of them lose interest. I don't think they realize all the work that can go into this as a career, as a job, as more than a hobby, as not just something to keep me busy-busy. I know, and fellow writers know, but others don't really care about the details. I think they're convinced I live the easy life, that a writer must just sit down every day or so, rattle of ten or twenty thousand words, and send them in to an anxiously waiting publisher. Frustrating attitude, and maybe that's why some of us won't admit to out passion.

So - how went my work the last few days as a writer? So many things, so little time. I did my essay  on Alice for my course, and reviewed those of four other students. The quality is improving - either we are learning already or some dropped out.

Wrote two short stories, one for Writer's Unboxed based on a drawing of a happy girl dancing in the forest, another for Flash Fiction Friday describing a nosy neighbour and possible consequences. Both tales are slightly dark - of course. Seems to be part of my evolving style - maybe it keeps me from actually running up the street with an ax.

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