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Just One More Bite

This week's challenge from Terrible Minds was to use a sentence Chuck had been given by a random phrase generator. A very strange sentence. From his site -  

I picked a sentence out of this random sentence generator.

That sentence is: “A novice revenges the rhythm.”

It’s a weird fucking sentence, but I love it.

You will write a piece of flash fiction with this as a sentence contained within the story somewhere. First line, last line, in the middle — doesn’t matter where it shows up, but it better damn well be in there somewhere. 1000 word limit.

I first tried to figure out where/how one might see that sort of phrase, and then build a story around it. I tried to pick some appropriate names for the characters too. Word count is 887. 

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A Parent's Choice

This week's challenge from Flash Fiction Friday is based on a painting, Gray and Gold, by John Rogers Cox. From the prompt:

Johnrogerscoxgraygold1-300x214This week’s prompt is my favorite painting, that you can see at the top. It lives at the Cleveland Museum of Art, tucked off to the side of the modern art section, near the coat racks. Every time I go there, I seek it out and ponder it longer than anything else there. It’s captivating to me and suggests so many possibilities.

I’d like you to use it as an inspiration for a story and I’d like your story to feature this particular crossroads as a setting. Are you meeting someone? The devil, perhaps? Have you been walking aimlessly down a country lane and found yourself here, not sure which way to go?

Take a few moments. Absorb the scene and then decide to go down the write path.


Word limit was 1300 words, mine is short, at 745. I tried the second person voice for this one.

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ROW80-4 - goals

OK folks, break will soon be over, the next ROW80 starts October the 1st. Time to think about setting some long term goals and specific objectives.

Last session I had some general goals and a long list of SMART objectives. I did realize that I could not meet every objective every day, so used them as a target, a reminder of areas to not forget about. I think I did well with that approach, but would like to change my focus a bit.

I believe that if you want to 'be' something, then 'be' it. If you want to be a writer, then be a writer, act like one. Write, edit, imagine, explore, read, learn, publish - just be a writer for a while, every day,  and voila, you'll look back and be amazed. I have found that, being self-employed, I have the choice to avoid schedules and fixed tasks, or to impose some structure on myself. I've been choosing the former, and having fun - except when I agonize over my lack of progress on writerly things. All to say, I think it will help if I start the day with time for those writerly things, like writing and editing. I'm sure things like reading fiction and commenting on Facebook posts will find a way to sneak in just fine later in the day.

My long term goal is to be more of a writer and author. I am a writer now, and have published one (1) Flash Fiction so far, but I want to continue to develop my skills as a writer, and publish more. Another goal is to stay healthy - physically and mentally. And a third is to keep on top of chores - cleaning, laundry, bills. etc.

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The Ghost in the Machine

This week's challenge from Terrible Minds was to once again pick from three columns of 'aspects' of a story - in this case, sub-genre, setting, and element to include. 1000 words.  Here's the choices:

Subgenre Setting Element to Include

Paranormal Romance



Ghost Story

Space Opera

Alternative History


BDSM Erotica

Murder Mystery


A Brothel

A Space Station

Bottom of the Ocean

Inside a Massively-Multiplayer Game



The Hollow Earth

The Zoo

In a Vehicle Traveling Down the Highway

Paris, 1944

Weapons of Mass Destruction

A Funeral


A Robot


A Fashion Show

A Dragon

Some Kind of Alien Virus or Parasite



I did a random spin and got Lovecraftian, In a Vehicle Travelling Down the Highway, and A Robot. This was intriguing to me, as I'd never read any Lovecraft. I downloaded some and realized I may have tried to read him at times, but dozed off at the time. But - determined - I asked for some recommendations and read a couple of stories. I developed a story idea of someone trapped, in a vehicle, with a robot driver. He's trying to run from his past, from terrible things his ancestors did. He's in a truck, with something in the back, and gradually realizes there's a horror in the back. All seemed like the elements of a good story, but couldn't get going on it. Another time. In the meantime, I did still want to do something, so did a ghost story of sorts. 975 words.

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