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ROW80-4 - check in 10/17 - One more bit of summer

Oops - got distracted by summer. Today was 21C and sunny for a while, so I took advantage of it to get out and about. We may not have many more of those before next spring. I spent the day wanderin the hood and stopping at various cafes for coffees and/or beers, reading a book and tanning my face and arms. The book is for our sci-fi book club - we meet Sunday so I had to get at it.

  • writing
    • Did another story for Flash Fiction Fridays - a western, with a list of words to be included
    • NaNoWriMo - OK - have a plot idea now, yay! It will be based on this Flash Fiction, featuring some of my Fairy Tale Folk. There's a plot workshop tomorrow night downtown, maybe I'll attend. Need to work on details of both plot and characters.
    • I bought an editing program, Master Edit. You load in a scene/chapter and it assesses various elements, such as sentence length, weak or repeating words and phrases, and conjunctions. $30 one time charge, and site also has links to a number of writing lessons. 
    • Read Mindscan, by Robert Sawyer, for sci-fi club. Interesting concept, but got a little preachy at times, once he had my attention. Have two others at top of the pile, If You Want to Write, by Ueland, and How to Grow a Novel, by Stein. Both were recommended to me, need to take a few minutes on each to see if I want to read them now, or later, or never. 

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An Evening at Belle's

This week's challenge for Flash Fiction Friday was prompted by the departure of Ron, who was part of the site's original team, and also to celebrate the 100th prompt. The theme was The Big Adios - western - and was to include a word list.

Prompt: Word list: Rattlesnake, Six-shooter, Adios, Miner, Madam, Dusty, Sheriff
Word Limit: 1200
Genre: Western


I started with a character list, and an ending, then just had to figure out how to get them all there. 1189 words.

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ROW80-4 - check in 10/14 - Still searching

Not for a lost chord, but for that elusive NaNoWriMo plot idea. If all else fails I could carry on from the last two year's novels to complete a trilogy, but I pretty well wrapped everything up at the end of the last one. Don't want a random pick, I do have some ideas from all my Flash Fiction stories, just need to pick a few now and outline a bit to see where they go. I need characters with goals and issues and problems and revelations - characters the reader will actually give a shit about. 

So - what have I been up to?

  • writing
    • Did another Flash Fiction for Terrible minds. Challenge was to pick from a list of titles, I chose The Black Lighthouse and wrote about bullying. I'd done another bullying one a while back too, but I guess the recent cyber-bullying case of Amanda Todd was on my mind.
    • Still scanning old stories for ideas for NaNoWriMo
    • reading about writing - about outlining and plotting, via books and the Interwebs. 
  • health
    • Getting out each day for some walking - to various degrees. Nothing else - yet. No weights or early morning yoga. 
  • other
    • Checked out the Ottawa Brewery Market event last Saturday. Bonded with family and friends, tried some great beers. Micro-breweries seem to be spreading here, with some very interesting brews. They typically sell to only a few small pubs near their brewery, but you can also buy Growlers from most of them - 2 litres at a time.
    • Guess my taxes were received OK - they cashed both cheques Friday. 
    • Caught up with Doctor Who. I do NOT like episodes with those stone angels! I just looked behind myself again - nothing there. 
Plans - to the doctor's to check on my dry eyes - maybe just need different drops. Continue my plot quest.

The Black Lighthouse

This week's challenge from Terrible Minds was to choose one of five titles, then write a 1000 word story on it, any genre. In Chuck's words: 

I’m going to give you five titles.

You will either: a) Choose one of these titles for a new piece of flash fiction, or

b) Remix the titles (adding no new words of your own) to create a new title which, well, duh, you will then use to compose a new piece of flash fiction.

Get it? Got it? GOBBA GOOBA.

The five titles are:

“The Monkey’s Pageant.”

“Dead-Clock’s Revenge.”

“The Black Lighthouse.”

“Bright Stars Gone To Black.”

“Plastic Dreams & Doll Desires.”


I had ideas for all of them, but this was my favourite. 830 words.

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