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ROW80-4 - check in 10/08 - Late already

Yikes, only the second check in and I'm late for it! Benn doing more on 'other' and less on my goals the last few days. I did have a plan to start every day with writing, then exercise. Then I would pick some other things from the list - preferably writerly ones. 

I think my problem is I have no shortage of action items to do as part of being a writer, of developing it as a career. It's choosing which ones come first, and realizing that means some won't get done for a while. I'll think on that. In the meantime, here's what I've accomplished the last few days:

  • writing
    • wrote a Flash Fiction for Terrible minds. The challenge was to choose an element, randomly, from each of three lists. I got Southern Gothic, Trapped, and The Restless Dead. 
    • worked more on collecting my previous flash fiction's together. A slow methodical process.
    • preparing for NaNoWriMo. Have a Flash Fiction I possibly could expand, The Ghost in the Machine, but not sure if there's enough there. Need to put it into an outline to see what the Plot Points are. 
    • reading Outlining Your Novel, by K. M. Weiland. See above. 
  • exercise
    • doing pretty good at this - about 8K a day, I think. Some bus rides in there, rough roads might be bumping up the count. Will check it out. 
    • nature walk with grandkids. Only a 12 minute drive to here up in Gatineau Park. We found leaves, gravel, twigs, squirrels, and a milkweed allergy. Then Thanksgiving dinner - ham, not turkey, so not so stuffed (me). Maybe this category should just be health?
    • walked over to my local for a beer on the patio. I know, not much exercise there, but it was nice to sit all by myself in the sun on the patio with a cold drink, headphones with Chopin via TuneIn radio, and just chill.
  • other
    • still fascinated by The Killing. Well written, well done. Into the third season now, which means I have to wait each week for the next episode. A good thing.
    • ?? - must be more in this category, as I didn't get nearly enough writing hours in. Note to self - take more notes on the day's distractions.


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alberta ross

so sad 'the ghost in the machine' - be interesting to see how it turns out as a full lengther - best of luck:)

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