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ROW80-4 - check in 10/10 - what a relief

Big news. I do realize it's NOT writing related, sorry, but I finally got my taxes sent in. For 2010 and 2011. Yes, I owe them, yes, they will charge me interest. Had several hours of sorting through investment records, as I dumped a lot in 2010, but is finally done and a load off my mind. Now I can worry about things like NaNoWriMo, and all my short stories. 

  • writing
    • did a story for Flash Fiction Fridays. Challenge was to tell a story about a character facing the ending of something. For mine - was an end to her independence.
    • short stories - still collecting
    • NaNoWriMo - added some buddies, but still looking for a plot
    • still reading about outlining, plus picked up a couple of library books that popped to the top of the requests list. The Rest is Silence, by Scott Fotheringham, and So Much Pretty, by Cara Hoffman. Both well reviewed, both look good as far as jacket notes and first few pages go. 
  • exercise - still walking every day
  • other
    • big one here is taxes - done!
    • son's birthday yesterday, took him out to buy some workpants, then we had lunch at Burger King. Nice bonding time.
    • another episode of Frobrydelsen. Should catch up with Doctor Who too I suppose.
BTW - My Coursera course, Fantasy and Science Fiction, finished last week. It was enjoyable, interesting, educational, frustrating. It is a bit of a relief to have the weekly readings and essay done with. We haven't seen our final marks yet, though. 


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Ryan King

Ugg. That had to be taxing on the nerves. Okay, that was a bad joke. Sorry. But glad you got that out of the way. I hope your marks come back the way you wanted them.


Congrats on doing your taxes! That's probably a huge weight off of your chest! What's Flash Fiction Fridays? Also, in regards to NaNo, have you looked in the "Adopt a Plot" threads? I've found some really interesting plots before! Never know what kind of gold you might find mining there! Are there any books that you recommend for writing?

D. Ann

Congrats on doing your taxes! At least it's out of your head and now you can focus on writing. :)

I was in the same Coursera class but I didn't keep up with the weekly assignments. :( No excuses from me, I just was busy with stuff, though what that stuff was, I don't remember. I hope you get the marks you wanted!

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