The Black Lighthouse
An Evening at Belle's

ROW80-4 - check in 10/14 - Still searching

Not for a lost chord, but for that elusive NaNoWriMo plot idea. If all else fails I could carry on from the last two year's novels to complete a trilogy, but I pretty well wrapped everything up at the end of the last one. Don't want a random pick, I do have some ideas from all my Flash Fiction stories, just need to pick a few now and outline a bit to see where they go. I need characters with goals and issues and problems and revelations - characters the reader will actually give a shit about. 

So - what have I been up to?

  • writing
    • Did another Flash Fiction for Terrible minds. Challenge was to pick from a list of titles, I chose The Black Lighthouse and wrote about bullying. I'd done another bullying one a while back too, but I guess the recent cyber-bullying case of Amanda Todd was on my mind.
    • Still scanning old stories for ideas for NaNoWriMo
    • reading about writing - about outlining and plotting, via books and the Interwebs. 
  • health
    • Getting out each day for some walking - to various degrees. Nothing else - yet. No weights or early morning yoga. 
  • other
    • Checked out the Ottawa Brewery Market event last Saturday. Bonded with family and friends, tried some great beers. Micro-breweries seem to be spreading here, with some very interesting brews. They typically sell to only a few small pubs near their brewery, but you can also buy Growlers from most of them - 2 litres at a time.
    • Guess my taxes were received OK - they cashed both cheques Friday. 
    • Caught up with Doctor Who. I do NOT like episodes with those stone angels! I just looked behind myself again - nothing there. 
Plans - to the doctor's to check on my dry eyes - maybe just need different drops. Continue my plot quest.


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Lol on Dr Who - just watched that one a week ago myself. Good luck with your ROW80 goals and finding the plot.

alberta ross

so sad:( you are you talking about the Pond one? love Dr Who have done since the 60s - oh dear that does date me and I wasn't even a child! - good luck in finding a plot - my back up plot comes from a story I wrote in my 'teens' obviously decades out of date:) I am chaging it from a pathetic attempt to write a love story when I was barely out of nappies to a fatasy and 6 decades of cynisim behind me:) keep smiling

Shan Jeniah Burton

It sounds like you are moving along, and have a good grasp on ways to shake loose that NaNo plot.

Those stone angels are the topic of much discussion here.

I love when you take us along on your walks.

I'll see you here, and during NaNo, as well.

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