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ROW80-4 - check in 10/17 - One more bit of summer

Oops - got distracted by summer. Today was 21C and sunny for a while, so I took advantage of it to get out and about. We may not have many more of those before next spring. I spent the day wanderin the hood and stopping at various cafes for coffees and/or beers, reading a book and tanning my face and arms. The book is for our sci-fi book club - we meet Sunday so I had to get at it.

  • writing
    • Did another story for Flash Fiction Fridays - a western, with a list of words to be included
    • NaNoWriMo - OK - have a plot idea now, yay! It will be based on this Flash Fiction, featuring some of my Fairy Tale Folk. There's a plot workshop tomorrow night downtown, maybe I'll attend. Need to work on details of both plot and characters.
    • I bought an editing program, Master Edit. You load in a scene/chapter and it assesses various elements, such as sentence length, weak or repeating words and phrases, and conjunctions. $30 one time charge, and site also has links to a number of writing lessons. 
    • Read Mindscan, by Robert Sawyer, for sci-fi club. Interesting concept, but got a little preachy at times, once he had my attention. Have two others at top of the pile, If You Want to Write, by Ueland, and How to Grow a Novel, by Stein. Both were recommended to me, need to take a few minutes on each to see if I want to read them now, or later, or never. 
  • health
    • still working at walking - easy with this nice weather
    • dry eyes checked out - carry on with eye drops. Will have my son check out my PC setup too, as screen setup seems fuzzy. 
  • other
    • I watched the Obama/Romny debate on TV, plus followed the CBC twitter chat on my iPad. Interesting way to spend a couple of hours. Would have preferred a Doctor Who special I think.
    • Grandson visit - nice times
    • Music and friends at the pub last night. I hadn't seen some of them in quite a while so was nice to reconnect. 
  • Comments

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    D. Ann

    Master Edit sounds interesting. I'm going to need all the help I can get once NaNo's over so I'll have to check it out.

    That's awesome about figuring out your NaNo plot. I've got my pretty much figured out. I just need to write out a synopsis so I know where I'm going.

    AmyBeth Inverness

    I vote for Doctor Who over the Presidential Debates.

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