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ROW80-4 - check in 10/21 - NaNoWriMo prep

Yay! Plot looks good so far. Have my characters and an idea of where the story will go. I did decide to work with my Fairy Tale Folk and do a detective story with my protagonist also looking for some meaning to her life. Working on setting for my characters, and their limited bios. Limited because they didn't grow and mature into who they are, they just became, fully formed, with the appropriate ideas and attitudes they would need as a character of their individual age and description. This is one of the issues they will be dealing with in the story - should be fun.

Also spent some time on logistics - more details after this summary:

  • writing
    • Wrote a very brief - three sentence - Flash Fiction for Terrible Minds.
    • NaNoWriMo - like I said, have a plot idea, characters, and an outline 'template'. Template is one I had for a three act "W" type structure, with detail added from the videos on the Master Edit site. Some interesting writing tips there - just a little wordy. Also have some good NaNoWriMo buddies - some from ROW80, some from last year's competition. 
    • We had our sci-fi book club meeting, on Mindscan. Always interesting to see different views on the same book, and talk the ideas further. 
    • Joined another book club - why not? Ladies from my neighbourhood, met most on the patio of my local in the summer. First book is Perfect Match.
  • health - I'm walking more, eating less. The end of patio weather will help too!
  • other - Actually, not a lot of distractions, into pre-NaNoWriMo mode now. Oh, except for Doc Martin - the BBC series. Have a few seasons to watch in my spare time. And Forbrydelsen every week. 

Logistics - I've bothered by dry eyes for the last 6 months if I spend any amount of time at a display. Doesn't look like is the display's fault, might be where it is - stuck in my 'office' in my apartment. Plus my eyes are just getting older. Guess I need a new place to write.

I'm going to try to use iPad as my writing tool for NaNowriMo this year, along with its wireless keyboard. It doesn't sync nicely with the PC version of Scrivener, but I'll manage. I'll be using the Index Card app by DenVog to do scene outlines, shuffle around on the corkboard, and then fill with text. When done I can export the info to RTF or text files and then copy into Scrivener. As for location, my kitchen table is set in a sunny corner with a nice view of some back yards - a good break for the mind as well as the eyes. Plus I have the flexibility of going to a local coffee shop - although that can get noisy at times with local mummies and their toddlers. I'll start shopping around for a good location as I ramp up for this year's NaNowriMo - I'd like to make the 9-12 writing a habit by November 1.




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Jessica Fritsche

I'm so jealous of your writing time during the day! It's great that you're making it a habit though, that is the key. I'm planning on doing most of my writing from about 7-10 PM once I get home from the office, have dinner, and get settled in. It's hard doing that after a full day at work, but necessary. Glad we will be cheering each other on for NaNo! Good luck this week.

alberta ross

Are everyone's coffee shops different from the one's around here or are all your homes imposssibly noisy? why do you all head of to a coffeee shop to write? very confused - the last place I would find a muse:) anyway whatever works I guess. Well done on getting nano plot together - it sounds like you'll have fun - all that moving the words around from place to place! my scrivner for dummies will be here tomorrow - I hope not much time to learn any extras that will help in nano but it has only just been published over here. well done for this week and all the best for this week:)


Alberta - my home is very quiet and great for writing, but also is full of distractions. Coffee shop is noisier, but is a conscious focus to go somewhere and sit and write. Will try both, and may settle on using both.
Jessica - great to be able to write first thing in the day, but still working on making it a habit first thing in the day. Means I have to give up something else in the day - all a question of balance.

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