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ROW80-4 - check in 10/24 - Outlining

Further along with my NaNoWriMo outlining - with a variety of tools. Still trying to use Index Cards on iPad - not convinced. Did some more within Evernote - using the web clipper to add some research notes. Also did some more handwritten notes while sitting in the sun - still have to transcribe those. I can scan them into Evernote too - their OCR will supposedly index the words for searches. Tried it, but my writing is a little too messy for a high hit rate. I'll try Index Cards tomorrow too, but need to choose soon, as there's a NaNoWriMo kickoff this Friday. Clocks are a tickin'. 

  • writing
    • Another story today, for Flash Fiction Fridays. Stuck in a cave, guide is gone, you hear a noise that sends a chill up your spine. 
    • NaNoWriMo - more outlining. I figured out my Turning Points, some rising/falling action in between, the antagonist, goals and conflicts at a few levels, setting - looking good.  
    • I bailed on a couple of recommended library books, look ok but not good enough to give them time right now. Did pick up another writing one, Writing the Breakout Novel, by Maass. Was recommended to me, will scan the start and decide if for now or later. Right now my focus is on writing the quick and dirty 50,000 word first draft. 
  • health - Still doing that walking stuff - nice fall days.
  • other
    • Been watching more episodes of Doc Watson. Well written, but is mostly for entertainment.
    • Did a grandsons visit today, went over later on so could greet Noah as he got off the bus. Back home to play Little Big Planet with him - frustrating for me as I've poor hand-eye coordination. We still did have a lot of fun.


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