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ROW80-4 - check in 10/28 - Closer

Just a quick check in for yesterday. Outlining goes well, did another Flash Fiction, and baled on Index Cards.

  • writing
    • I did another Flash Fiction, for Terrible Minds. Challenge was to use 5 of 10 elements. Mine was a little strange, even foe me. But - fun to write.
    • NaNoWriMo - Went to local NaNoWriMo kickoff. Started off next to two people focused on each other and the books one of them did - hard to join in. Finally just got up and socialized with others - a nice crowd. Outline going well too, for novel, Agnes of Grimm. Gave up on Index Cards, as is restricted to ONLY the iPad - no PC links, no way to import to them. Back to Scrivener as main program, using corkboard on big screen to outline. Can compile outline to an RTF, cut/paste into Evernote for reference on iPad. Will use iPad to write scenes, one at a time. Not elegant, but works.
    • Short stories - started a separate page for them, with a link and few lines from beginning. Seventy total, gradually copying in. 
  • health - walking, enjoying fall weather before Frankenstorm hits. Although will be diminished way up here in Ottawa.
  • other - More Doc Watson episodes, plus went to nice social with other photography volunteers from Ottawa Folk Festival. 2012 still to be loaded by admin.


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