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NaNo update, and a snippet

#NaNoBreak time - just a quickie to say I finally got a new PC monitor yesterday, a 24" Phillips flatscreen, only $143. Plus tax and Electonics Disposal Fee, but still a good deal, and sooo much more-ther sharper than my old one! Writing goes much better now, as I can't use the dry eyes excuse anymore. I thought I'd share the opening to my novel too - first draft at this point. Really working hard at NOT editing.

Agnes of Grimm

Agnes reached over and pinched the closest bum. This one was cute, and seemed interested when he turned and saw her. She cranked things up a bit, just in case.

“Shooters?” he asked.

“Sure, she said, ”then we dance a bit more, then I’ll let you take me home.”


Agnes rolled over and stared at the empty pillow. Looked like her latest boy toy had baled on her once he woke up. They didn’t stay around very long now. They were still enthusiastic at the bar, eager to dance, buying her drinks - so easy to manipulate. Next morning by the light of day all they saw was a 48 year old witch lying next to them. Which she was, once she was no longer hidden behind the facade her powers had carefully built up.

She used to be stronger, but her powers were fading more and more lately, as was her confidence. She moaned, from despair, not from any hangover. At least her healing powers still worked, burning off any toxins - like shooters - and keeping her healthy. Keeping her from ageing too, keeping her stuck at 45 forever.


I'm having fun with these characters again, I used them in several Flash Fictions last year. Here's a link to my stories.



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