Row80-4 - check in 10/31 - One More Sleep
Row80-4 - check in - 11/07 - slowing

ROW80-4 - check in 11/04 - And so it begins

And away we go! Started NaNoWriMo last Thursday, full of vim and vigour, plot outlined. turning points identified, and a few first scenes summarized. First day went well, then several last nights, an urge to edit, plus daily dry eyes, slowed me down. Caught up now, 8000words in 4 days. Late nights - avoid for November. Dry eyes - more breaks, type on iPad sometimes. Urge to edit - I think this is from all those Flash Fictions, I want to make each scene a finished story as I write it, need to give myselff the freedom to ramble, let my characters babble a bit and wander the setting.  

  • writing
    • NaNoWriMo - up to 8000 words, just did the Tipping Point scene - described as "Opportunity knocks, chance to change". My Inciting Incident.
    • writing tools - have settled on Scrivener on PC and Evernote on iPad. No word count on th iPad but can guess how many in a screen. When in doubt - keep typing. 
    • Flash Fiction - missed last weeks one for Terrible Minds - it was due Wednesdya and I though was the normal Friday deadline. Just as well, no time. Maybe next time, once I get my NaNoWriiMo writing flowing better. 
    • finished reading my copy of Perfect Match. Book club meets tomorrow night. Still several books about writing on the pile - think they will all have to go back
  • health - cooler days, frost again tonight with -7C. Nice in the day though, and I am Canadian so do own winter clothes. 
  • other - caught up with various videos so no distractions there. OK -other than Ed Wood. Never did see it, great story and great stars.


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