ROW80-4 - check in 11/04 - And so it begins
NaNo update, and a snippet

Row80-4 - check in - 11/07 - slowing


Writing has slowed lately. Eyes still an issue but my son brought over his own monitor for comparison - ah! THAT'S what sharp letters look like! New one is maybe $150, worth it. On today's list after more words get done.

Main issue is my story, not that excited about it. I like my Fairy Tale Folk but I have too much fantasy in here I think with these mysterious powers they have. Without that they are a little too ordinary, with little if any backstory. They can't really have one, since each came into being fully formed at a specific age. Yet they have the opinions and attitudes appropriate for their character (I hope), maybe I need to add a fictitious backstory in their minds to give them that depth to draw on. Memories that they know are unique to them, memories that they know are only implanted. I'll try that - at the least it will give me more words to babble on about.

My concern is that I'll get through the whole story outline, and be at only 30,000 words. I marvel at those that fire off 5000 words at a time, ending up with a final count up near 100,000. I'd be curious how that works - do they spend more time than others trying to trim that down, or at least arrange into a well structured novel? Is it edited by friends and self-published, or is it thrown to the mercies of an external editor and publisher? 

My progress since last check in:

  • writing
    • NaNoWriMo - slowing - at 13.5 today so far, hoping for 16k by day's end.
    • Writing tools - as mentioned, it's new monitor time.
    • Flash Fiction - none - slogging through this novel is too annoying on eyes, and also a struggle just to find the phrases. I'm hoping to do a few Flash's in November though.
    • Perfect Match - book club went well. Me and 9 women, munchies, wine, jokes, insights. And smoke - 6 were smokers, and while an open window and fan helped, I did need a shower and change when I go home. We will be making some adjustments. 
  • health - aside from temporarily taking up smoking, still focusing on getting out and about. Still no snow, so relatively easy to do that. 
  • other
    • visit to one grandkid, then he came here. Older one in full day kindergarten so see him less - too bad. 
    • No movies lately distracting me, still very little TV worth watching either. I did spend a long evening watching that American election. Hopefully is a wakeup call for the Republican party - not that I support their current ideas, but would be nice for the US to have a right of centre choice. Conservative Party here in Canada did that a few years - united various small far right groups, flopped down right of centre, and took over the country. Leftish leaning parties now struggling here to establish a spot for themselves.






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