NaNo update, and a snippet
Dead Aim

ROW80-4 - check in - 11/11 - clearing up

As I mentioned the other day, I got a new monitor. So much better. Also, it being past sunset, my screen has a bit of a salmon tint to it now, since I'm now running a little program that adjusts your screen 'colour' according to the time of day. The screen is brighter, more white, when it's sunny out (and presumably sunnier in your office) and a warmer colour after sunset, when the inside lights come in. It adjusts for your location, and hence sunset time. as well as for the type of indoor lighting you select. It's free, at this site.

All to say, writing is going better. Still takes me most of the day, but the delay is not from dry or sore eyes anymore, it's just from lack of inspiration. I know, some of you can just sit and write, but I need to know where the story is going. Still on track though, and I think will have enough to say for at least 50k worth.

  • writing
    • NaNoWriMo - still on track for about 2k a day, I'm just over 22K on day 11. 
    • Flash Fictions - none, I'm sad to say. Still hope to do a few this month.
    • Reading - Sci-fi book club is next Sunday, so better get started. We're reading Ship of Magic, by Robin Hobb.
  • health - trying to manage my health and bank account by sticking to a weekly entertainment budget.
  • other - More TV/videos - seasons have started, following a few. 


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