Dead Aim
ROW80-4 - check in 11/18 - caught up

ROW80-4 - check in 11/14 - whizzing along

I'm feeling better about #NaNoWriMo now, as I'm still on target at about 2k words/day, and have passed the 25k half way mark. I was concerned about having enough of the story outlined to get me to the main plot points, but I kept on writing and things started to fill in. I'm past half way in word count, but still a few scenes short of the half-way point in the novel structure, so all is good. I ended up writing some long 1500 word scenes as I was rambling along, so that pushed me along quite well. Some crap in there, some gold, I'll l know better once the dreaded editing starts. In addition, I know I tend to be light on description the first time through, so fill that in later when I have time to think a bit. I did a flash fiction too this week. I had to write a new scene and the challenge seemed to fit in where I was so I got a two for one out of it. 

  • writing
    • #NaNoWriMo - over 28k on the 14th. 
    • Flash fictions - YES! - did one for Flash Fiction Friday
    • Reading - part way through book for Sci-Fi club for Saturday, Ship of Magic. Also reviewing some of my favourites for a pick for another club - my choice is to be our March book. Thinking of The Room, or maybe The Midwife of Venice. 
  • health -still walking. Trying to not make a pub my eventual destination.
  • other - another grandson visit - the older one. We played Angry Birds in Space on my iPhone - he's pretty good at it, only needing grandpa's help a few times when the celestial mechanics got a little too complicated for him.


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