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Row80-4 - check in 11/25 - I Win!

Yay me. Broke the 50k word limit yesterday, and today the #NaNoWriMo site lists me as a Winner. Nanowin Mind you, I still have several scenes to do - maybe 10-15k words worth, but it's nice to have the pressure of 2k words/day off me. Now I can re-do my goals to include more variety in the writerly department, used to have a long list of them.

There's a local book fair in a week that I would like to pitch my draft novels at, so will  need to do a one pager for each one to leave with publishers. Would also like to get back to doing regulat Flash Fictions, as I find they often push me to try something different - and to write regulary. Lots ot to be reead books waiting of course.

Other than that, am starting a new Coursera course, Astronomy.

  • writing
    • #NANoWriMo done at 50,133 words. More scenes to add over the next few days
    • Book club - starting to read The Help - online I think, so I can add comments easily
  • health - falling behind on this, need to lenthen the loops on my local walks
  • other - some photo stuff



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