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New Beginnings

Surprise, surprise, the world did not end this morning. It was scheduled for UTC 11:11, but delayed due to technical difficulties. I was up then (6:11 local time), to see what CBC would say about it - nothing much, although their signal did drop for a few seconds at 6:11. Spooky. Turned out was related to the terrible weather out there, the feed had more drop outs over the morning. This was a Winter Solstice thing too, related to Earth's orbit around the sun, so would have happened for everyone at the same time.

But, of course, it didn't. Today, in spite of a vicous winter storm, marks the start of our slow climb back to longer days, celebrated in ye olden days as the start of a new year. A good opportunity to look at the past year and re-focus. As such, I've some new beginnings to think about.

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ROW80-4 -check in - 12/19 - that's a wrap!

Here we are again, at the end of another Round of Words. I'll be finishing with more of a whimper than a bang, as my back is stilll bothering me. Much better than three days ago, so I am hoping will be able to put on my ham dinner tomorrow for kids and grand kids. It's our Christmas gift exchange too. Maybe we'll just have takeout- will depend on if I bound out of bed tomorrow or not. This happens every year or so, as a reminder to not quit doing regular exercises. 

Moving along here, to my Row80 status - this one went well. Rather than a long to-do list I tried to focus on three areas: writing, publishing, and everything else! 

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ROW80-4 -check in - 12/16 - ouch!

As often happens, a day late but backdated. 

Sunday was to be an early Christmas, as my daughter and her husband were going away over Christmas. I had presents bought, stocking stuffers ready, tree done, other decorations arranged- just tidying up when I bent over to pick up an empty box and - ouch! 

Pulled a back muscle, which sent it's friends into a panicked spasm. So, there I was, flat on the floor, calling everyone to cancel. Luckily I hadn't started the ham or scalloped potatoes. Popped some pills, then headed for bed. Stayed there, except for a couple of hobbled over trips to the can, until morning. Then I discovered was out of back pills - necessary to convince the muscles to relax and heal. And I was now crawling, not hobbling. 

Son-in-law to the rescue- he brought pills, a hit coffee, soups, fruit - yay!

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I thought I'd add a recipe I've used often for this - including last night. 

This is based on a recipe I got from “Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health”, by Liz Pearson and Mairlyn Smith. . It’s a somewhat grandiose title, but a good recipe. I've added chick peas to the recipe - feel free to experiment yourself. Not sure why beans were to be drained/rinsed - while it gets rid of some of that sludge in the can, you may need to add liquid. 
Adjust the salsa and chilli powder according to your palate. 

Most people don’t even notice the mock meat. 

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