ROW80-4 - check in 12/9 - todo my todo

ROW80-4 - check in 12/12 - a quickie

Trying to get these check in's done the day of, and preferably early. I'll be out doing a  lot of things in my "Other" category today so need to get rolling soon.

Speaking of "Other", the online course I'm doing - while interesting - has been a lot of work. The info said 6-8 hours a week - 16 is more like it. A lot more math than many of us had expected, and some confusing concepts to grasp. The videos are OK, but more examples - maybe as some supplementary notes - would help. Homework assignments often seem to be clever questions, not just a straight forward application. All to say - many falling behind and either dropping the homework part, or the whole course. A new direction for the university too, so was nice to see that they responded with a good compromise - they'll extend the homework deadlines from 1 week to 3 weeks. Gives us time to absorb things, and a bit of a Christmas buffer. 

Mid-week check:

  • writing
    • Sunday and today's check in. 
    • Several FB rambles that could have become posts (note to self). 
    • Caught up on blogs about writing and publishing
  • publishing
    • Duotrope tracking site going from free to $50/yr. Worth it, so signed up. 
    • Some collections of stories sent out earlier to friends/family for feedback. Word is they are busy right now doing other stuff. Which I understand, was as a favour. So, I joined a Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group - Critters Workshop. It's one of several for different genre, at Concept is you critique short stories of others - they will do yours. Typically 10-20 response. Can also handle novels I think.
  • other
    • made 8 tourtiere, from secret family recipe. Most will be for family as gifts. 
    • Did lots of hours on Astronomy course.
    • Several hours of Warehouse 13
    • nice long lunch with friend

Still to be done:

  • writing - two Flash Fictions. A blog post on something
  • publishing - add to doc that's collecting all the stories together
  • other - concert today, Christmas stuff, Astronomy course




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I feel exhausted reading your list :).

I hope you make it through it all.



Wow! That's quite the list. Life sounds busy and good, though.


Thx for the feedback, but I don't think list is all that bad. You should have seen it 6 months ago - I used to post the whole detailed to-do list!
Now, the first part is a summary since last check in, then my target for next few days. I find this is giving me a good focus.

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