ROW80-4 -check in - 12/19 - that's a wrap!

ROW80-4 -check in - 12/16 - ouch!

As often happens, a day late but backdated. 

Sunday was to be an early Christmas, as my daughter and her husband were going away over Christmas. I had presents bought, stocking stuffers ready, tree done, other decorations arranged- just tidying up when I bent over to pick up an empty box and - ouch! 

Pulled a back muscle, which sent it's friends into a panicked spasm. So, there I was, flat on the floor, calling everyone to cancel. Luckily I hadn't started the ham or scalloped potatoes. Popped some pills, then headed for bed. Stayed there, except for a couple of hobbled over trips to the can, until morning. Then I discovered was out of back pills - necessary to convince the muscles to relax and heal. And I was now crawling, not hobbling. 

Son-in-law to the rescue- he brought pills, a hit coffee, soups, fruit - yay!

Status update:

  • Writing- not much- see other below. Catching up on blogs I follow while laying in bed. 
  • Publishing - showed synopses of my three novels to some small press publishers, one wants to see the manuscripts for two of them! Both in mid-edit, started to look at them. 
  • Other - Christmas preparations. Fundraiser at Carleton Tavern for the food bank. Rocket Rached played, place was packed, mostly with locals. Lots of donations, many from people not that far removed from the food bank line themselves. A truly helping community. 


  • Writing - maybe some Flash Fiction
  • Publishing -- edit, edit, edit! 
  • Other - kids and gkids over for Christmas. 


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shah wharton

Hope your back improves and hey, here's hoping your books get chosen!! 2013 could be your year. :)

alberta ross

Ouch indeed - take care and look after that back - fingers crossed for books all the best over the festivities see you in the New Year:)

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