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ROW80-4 - check in 12/5 - to-do lists

Read an interesting post by Krissy Brady about to-do lists for writers, called  "How to turn a to-do list into a to-done list. She raises some good points in it: do a weekly list and a daily list, order into categories and priorities, make sure they are actionable, etc. Check it out. 

With NaNoWriMo done I still have lots I'd like to be doing, but I need to corral all these ideas and initiatives. My overall goals are to become a successful author, get healthier, and enjoy life. The author part includes frequent writing challenges, blog posts like this one, learning more about writing via books, blogs, fiction, but it also needs a publishing focus, to go from writer to author. This will include editing my novels, sending out stories, and eventually publishing. The healthier part means better habits of exercise and eating. All the above should hopefully be some fun, but the enjoyment focus comes under Other too, and includes time with friends and family, music nights at my local, social media, following newspapers and newsletters online, doing online University courses, following a few good TV series, and trombone with a large band. Oh - and get ready for Christmas!

Obviously this is way more than fits in a day, so the solution I think is to schedule the must-do things, and let some of the others fill in as they may, things like 'check to see what's happening on Facebook'. I'll plan the week on Sunday, touch bases on Wednesday - both as part of ROW80 check in. As for what tools to use, other than these ROW80 updates, I can use GoTasks on my  iPhone5 (yay!), which syncs, sort of, with Google tasks, and gives reminders. Or use Evernote. Or a pen and paper journal.

So - here's my update since last check in - which apparently was not Sunday, but last week:

  • writing
    • did a Flash Fiction Friday story
    • discussed The Help at the Hintonburg Pirates Book Club. I read it as a writer, looking at POV, structure, character arc's, etc. There were eight of us this time, with quite an intense discussion of racism in general and our own experiences. Also a lot of laughter and wine.  
  • publishing - attended a local artisans and author's fair on the weekend. Talked to a number of local new authors, and gave two publishers a synopsis of each of my three novels, plus the Fairy Tale Folk stories. Waiting for feedback on which - if any - look interesting to them. 
  • Health - not much change, need some habits here. Did walk about a lot on a warm Monday.
  • Other
    • Astronomy course - completed week 1 videos, as well as homework assignment. A lot of math and geometry, but got 100% eventually.
    • Upgraded to an iPhone5 as reward for winning NaNoWriMo. Will try to NOT use home phone - could cancel and save money. Could also cancel cable - rarely watch TV, rabbit ears might be enough. Have a copy of The Help waiting to be watched now, as well as Season 4 of Warehouse 13.


  • writing - maybe another FF for Friday - depends on time and motivation. Topic hasn't grabbed me yet.
  • publishing - add more of old stories to my master list to manage them
  • health - get out there, hopefully not directly to a pub or cafe
  • Other
    • work on Astronomy course - have almost 4 hours of videos to watch, take notes, rewind, then apply to homework questions. 
    • Grandson visits, music and friends at The Carleton, Facebook, email, etc.
Guess I better close this off, get some tunes playing on Songza, and get to work!


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Beth Camp

Send that story in!!!! Consider Every Day Fiction. That was a good read! I really liked the twist at the end.

alberta ross

I have a writing diary (page a day) - put in the important tasks ie last date for sending off guest blog - or start of tour then list things wish to get done that day - I usually fill in the important ones as they come up, then ROW80 sunday I fill in the week - star the ones I would really like to do and add some I may do or could do if some reason the starred ones don't happen

I put in the 'other' events - reading groups, dentist, doctors etc at top of page so I have an idea how much time I have for stuff.Then I half tick when each is started and then cross across the half when task is finished. Carry forward what doesn't get done. Put in word counts, pages edited, blogs writtn that are spare at bottom of page

Started this couple of years back as I couldn't cope with all diff. writing stuff and social in same page. I colour co-ordinate diary with note books because I'm like that - I have found it does help me to have a diff colour each year so when I want to go back to find something I know which colour diary/notebooks I need to look in.

I am myself very untidy and disordered and have found this is the best way to keep me on track - of course life happens, wet fish slapped around face moments crop up so it's not foolproof but it has helped.
all the best for your planning and this coming week - well done on nano:)

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

I've been playing around with to-do lists, so this was an interesting discussion. I do a lot of color-coding, as Alberta does, so that I can easily distinguish the day job and writing tasks.

I agree with Beth, you should look into sending off this story--and you have others I've liked a lot as well--especially the fairy tales.


Thanks all for the comments. I did look into Every Day Fiction, as I subscribe to their list, but they only use non-published work. They included blogs.
But - there are a LOT of sites out there that I could possibly publish on, some of which even pay. I've looked at Duotrope, and used for a couple of submissions. I like it. Is changing from a please donate to $50 a year site in January - just signed up.
That's for one of my new categories - publishing, as opposed to writing.
As for the to-do list itself - I think I'll go old school.
I use Google Calendar, synced with my pc and iPad and iPhone, and tried a goTasks app that adds to this. And can add to Evernote a notebook for a daily journal - all synced and searchable.
On the other hand, I have a nice notebook from a craft shop, with creamy textured pages, all artisan like. And I use a Pilot .5mm liquid ink pen, black, that writes so beautifully on the paper. That's my choice.
I'll go with planning the week, then each day, and tracking actuals to it.
Which reminds me - here it is Sunday evening and today's ROW80 and weekly plan not done.

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