An Ending
ROW80-4 - check in 12/12 - a quickie

ROW80-4 - check in 12/9 - todo my todo

My new plan was to do a todo list for the week, starting with Sunday. Looks like today's will be more a list of what was done today, then add the next six days.

I was going to go all hi-tech, synced between iPhone, iPad, and PC, dates and events in Google Calendar, goTasks on the iPad, daily journal in Evernote, all cleverly synced together over the interwebs. But I decided to use my artisan notebook instead. It's made in India with creamy pages that have a lovely texture. Writing with my black .5mm Pilot liquid ink pen. I just like the way they go together. Funny how picky we can be about our tools.

As in outlined in the last check in, I'm planning on using the general categories of Writing, Publishing, and Other. Writing being actually writing, plus reading blogs and books about it, as well as commenting on other's stories. Publishing will be taking it all to the next level - editing, finding likely targets for it all, publishing, travelling the world on book release parties - whatever it takes. Other? Well, the challenge will be to focus enough on the first two categories before the third consumes the whole day. Like today.

So - status update for last week:

  • writing - did a story for a challenge on Terrible Minds- we had to do the ending of a story. 
  • publishing - nope
  • other
    • Astronomy course - this is heavy work. Four hours of videos this week, still not done. Lots of physics and math, so need to pause often to make notes, and rewind to clarify. Then the homework, for Monday noon. The problem is the questions themselves are not clear cut, so you can spend a lot of time on them, even with the great discussion group. Not alone in my frustrations, much discussion online - but thisis the first stages of course development, and MOOC's in general. It's non-credit anyway, so I may just 'audit' the rest, especially with the Christmas rush.
    • Handel's Messiah - sang again this year with 'the masses'. There's a small chamber orchestra, four solists, and a chorus - all 750 of us - filling the beautiful acoustics of Dominion-Chalmers Church. An amazing experience.
    • Harold's Birthday - a fellow tromboner in New Horizon's Band turned 100 this week, so most of us were there to play some tunes for him and help him celebrate. Another experience.
    • Christmas - some shopping done. Got supplies for our Secret Family Tourtiere recipe - I'll make eight, as need several for gifts. No - there are no cloves in it.

To-do for the week:

  • writing
    • two flash fictions, due Wednesday and Friday.  
    • two ROW80 posts
    • one more post on something - maybe on Apologies
  • publishing 
    • follow up with Duotrope tracking site
    • update two documents collecting my Short Stories and FTF, include latest stories since September
    • follow up re earlier versions I sent out for feedback
  • other (where do I start!)
    • long lunch w a friend
    • band concert Wednesday
    • make 8 tourtiers
    • get Christmas decorations up for kid's visit on the 16th
    • Christmas presents
    • fundraiser at the Carleton
    • oh yeah - Astronomy course

I'm sure I'll think of more as the week goes on.




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Beth Camp

An impressive 'to do' list! Congratulations on making steady progress in spite of much happening. How do you keep up with the writing with all else? Do you use a specific website for flash fiction prompts? May the rest of your week go well.


Beth - thanks. Believe me, I've worked at tailoring the list down from a couple or ROW80's ago. It used to be more of a wish list that a realistic target.
I'm trying to focus on categories, and priorities. Being self employed means I can arrange my day to fit my priorities, so writing and editing will be early tasks. That was easy with the daily writing of NaNoWriMo, a little harder with my varied writing targets now. Christmas preparation is down the list under "Other", but may interrupt at times.
Flash prompts are from two sites, Flash Fiction Friday -, due Wednesday evening, and Terrible Minds -, due most Friday's at noon. Both have varied kinds of challenges, that push my boundaries - I like them.

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