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ROW80-1 check in - 01/20- chillin'

Definitely cold again out there, with some local roads closed too, from blowing snow whiteouts. A good evening to just stay in and work. It was above 0c this morning, but is plummeting to -23 tonight, -33 with the wind, so parka and long johns are needed. Progress has been ok on my objectives, although I've been more reading than writing, for two book clubs. I have that out of the way now.

  • writing
    • well, doing this check in
    • reading - finished Half-Blood Blues this morning, then went to the meeting to discuss. I also finished Kiss and Make-Up - the story of KISS. The meeting for that one is not until February but I needed to pass it on to the next reader. 
  • publishing/editing - not doing too bad. First thing in the morning seems to be a good time to get the editing over with.
  • other
    • babysat grandkids for a couple of hours - always good for re-balancing my life
    • watching Week 1 videos for an online course on World History - post 1760. 

Mystery Soup

I've made this before - AKA empty the crisper soup, or scrap soup. Scrap soup was mentioned on CBC lately - I can't find the link but was described as save all your scraps - meat, veggies, pastas - whatever - in a container in the freezer. Once you've a good assortment - throw them in a pot with some stock and spices, add some fresh veggies for crunch, rice or barley or pasta - and voila.

Here's one link to a site with the basic concept, and some variations she tried. I like to start with some sort of meat, and the appropriate beef or chicken stock, and carry on.

Tonight the mystery meat - once thawed - turned out to be a lamb shoulder chop. I cubed and browned it, then did some some onions. Put some stock - chicken this time - into a pot and added some water. After that it was whatever was in that freezer container - maybe a cup of chopped mush - then browse the crisper for garlic, carrots, celery, and peppers. Added frozen peas and corn, some salsa, salt and pepper, bay leaf. Threw in some pot barley. Likely too much pot barley - I tend to make more stews that soups. 

Oh - and two splashes of red wine - one in the pot, one in a glass.

I'll leave that to simmer while I read about The Tongue - Kiss and Make-up. It's the next selection for a book club I'm in. Last one was The Ravine, next is Cool Water.


ROW80-1 check in - Finally, a story

After a few weeks off, I did another Flash Fiction last night. Was a prompt using one of three opening lines. and the theme was inspired - for me - by a recent eveny in the area. Sad story, but had to be told. Allso caught up on my weekly critiques I'm doing, and have actaully started doing editing again. Next few days full too - two books to read by Sunday, babysit grandchild tomorrow, videos for online course by Monday, maybe another Flash Fiction for Friday - and editing. Better get this post done and get at 'er. 

  • Writing
    • As mentioned, story done for Flash Fiction Friday. 
    • ROW80 check in - late but doing it
    • Critique a story on - sent last night
    • Book clubs - started Half-Blood Blues
  • Publishing
    • Editing OK - sometimes even more than an hour a day 
  • Other
    • Health - Daily yoga and core strengthening exercises, as well as sticking to my diet
    • Band - rehearsal Tuesday night 

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A Wrong Step

I haven't done a Flash Fiction for a few weeks, but this challenge caught my fancy. From Flash Fiction Friday:

Prompt:  Your story must begin with one of the following sentences:

1.  ”She didn’t seem thrown by the question.”  From Page 111 of Fear the Night by John Lutz.

2.  ”The rats, uncannily, were always on the edge of the light, a faint shimmering movement, retreating as the men advanced.”  From Page 111 of Death Watch by Jim Kelly.

3.  ”I felt as if the whole world were about to slip out from under my feet.”  From Page 111 of As Catch Can by Vincent Zandri.

Genre:  Any

Word Limit:  1,500 words

I picked the thrird one. The story is only 600 words, but felt good at that.

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