ROW80-1 - 2013 - goals and objectives
ROW80-1 check in 01/13 - not much happening

ROW80-1 check in -01/09 - first one of the year!

Yay! Mo Row! We only picked our goals and objectives a couple of days ago but feels good to get rolling again on 'the writing challenge that knows you have a life'. 

I've sort of been following my objectives over the holidays, but this makes it more official and a little more accountable. My writerly goals are to become a better writer and to becomea successful author - meaning income earning. The first is sort of a moving target, with no definite target date, as I hope to constantly improve my writing skills. It also will feed into the second goal - the better the writing, the better the chances of getting published. Published when? I plan on sending my short stories out weekly, after I tune a few up, so hope I can get some accepted this ROW80 cycle. As for my novels - I have three written and a publisher waiting to see two of them. Both are in edit mode, so will need several passes by me as well as being sent to a beta reader. Once I find one. No idea how long that will take, but will hope for end of the ROW for one of them. 

Progress so far:

  • Writing
    • Flash Fiction - one due for posting Wednesday night - only part way through it, have idea and a draft.
    • ROW80 check in's - done
    • Critique a story on -done
    • Book clubs - have two a month, to read and critique. Did one Monday night
  • Publishing
    • Edit first novel, Due North, an hour a day is going OK, maybe can ease up to more 
  • Other
    • Daily yoga and core strengthening exercises - have a set routine for each, doing it, as well as keeping to a diet.
    • MAin other was a Wednesday evening of TV - lots of sitcoms. most of which I've never seen before. And likely won't again.


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Lee McAulay

Hi there! Dropping by as part of ROW80 to say - great goals! Good luck with 'em! We'll be cheering you on!

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