ROW80-1 check in -01/09 - first one of the year!
A Wrong Step

ROW80-1 check in 01/13 - not much happening

I kept delaying yesterday's check in, to give myself a chance to finish some more things on my list of objectives. Or catch up on Season 4 of Misfits.

I did some editing, and critiquing, but no writing. I haven't felt motivated to do any Flash Fiction since my forced Christmas break - not for a want of interesting prompts.  

I'll keep this check in brief - so I can get to 'work' today. I am hoping to get into a better schedule this ROW cycle, especially in the morning - leaving the rest of the day more open and flexible.

  • Writing
    • Flash Fictions - nope.
    • ROW80 check in's - doing, but late
    • Critique a story on - reading for another one
  • Publishing
    • Edit first novel, Due North, an hour a day. Have been doing OK on that, sometimes going longer if on a roll.
    • Send a story a week in to - none sent yet, but have 'credit' now. Problem is Flash of 800 words uses up the same credit as a short story of several thousand, so I have to work parder for the credits than I will get. I'll try, but really need a critique site for Flash.
    • Submit a story a week on line. Want to get critiqued first - see above
  • Other
    • Daily yoga and core strengthening exercises - have a set routine for each, doing in 6 of 7 days.  
    • Doing some writerly things, such as keeping up to date with writer/editor/publisher blogs I follow, reading how-to books, reading fiction (with a writer's eye). I on track to drop in a few days a week at the coffee shop on the corner, to my local for beer, music, and conversation, and visit my grandkids. 
    • Travel - no firm target yet - but am saving for something. Hopefully that will be more than new summer tires for my car.
Hmm - as I look at the list above, my progress doeesn't seem as bad as the title suggests. 


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alberta ross

Hope you find ideal holiday:) you seem to have been doing okay there - I find it very difficult to read a book with an authors eye esp. if it's good:( well done you if you can - all the best for this coming week

Eden Mabee

I wonder if your flash fiction delay is coming as much from a need to explore another form. I've heard several writers who do this when they have trouble getting inspired to write. Maybe try some poetry... Just a piece or two to provide a bit of grease for the flame.

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