ROW80-1 check in - 01/20- chillin'
ROW80-1 check in - 01/27 - Making time

ROW80-1 check in - 01/23 - Nothing much to see here, folks

Thursday here. I could blame the cold weather for slowing me down - -40C last night with the wind chill - but I think it's fear of editing. Or at least a lack of enthusiasm over it. Maybe because it lacks the creativity of writing, maybe because it's not as easy to measure as creating 500 or 5000 new words. Although, if that were the case, you'd think I'd be spending my time instead doing Flash Fiction.


Some reading, for sure, as well as watching videos for courses. Also visited grandkids, took videos, edited and uploaded them. Doing some cooking, and contemplating the still-up Christmas decorations. Laundry and vacuuming are moving up the list too. 

Maybe I just need a few non-scheduled days to do my thing.

Since last check in:

  • writing - not really. Related reading - the daily flash and daily sci-fi newsletters I get. Did another critique for - good to learn more about writing and builds up some credit for myself to use.
  • editing/publishing
    • joined another critique site, Absolute Write. Posted one of my stories there, and already got two very good critiques. as for my novel? Not much. 
    • Have a meeting tonight of Ottawa Independent Writers, may bundle up and go for some networking and encouragement.
  • other
    • cooked up a smoked shoulder picnic ham - a new cut for me. More fat, a little chewier, but much cheaper. Have lots sliced and in chunks for future meals, and made soup with the ham-bone. Brought some in a care package for visit to grandkids Wednesday. 
    • finished module online for History course and did test - passed.
    • band practices go well, in spite of my own lack of serious practicing. Lip fades too fast - need to work at that.  



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Candice Abraham

Hello fello Canadian! Looks like you're still doing a lot, despite how much writing you may or may not have gotten done. Your ham sounds very good too! And I go on Absolute Write sometimes and skulk around. Haven't submitted anything there yet, not sure if I will, but I've heard for years what a good resource that site is. Hope you're staying warm up there (I'm living in LA at the moment so not feeling the Ontario chill) and good luck with the rest of your week!

Beth Camp

Far too cold for feeling badly about slow progress. One of my colleagues once said that the weather is a reflection of our own feelings. I can't quite go that far BUT you nailed it by comparing 40 below to fear of editing. Jump in with a print out. That may move you forward. Reading aloud helps too. But mostly I applaud you for just showing up, being on time with ROW80 (which I haven't been able to do), and staying connected to what's most important, writing and thinking on many different levels. Your progress may be slow, but your creativity is still at work. Best, Beth

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