ROW80-1 check in - 01/23 - Nothing much to see here, folks
The Big Event - again

ROW80-1 check in - 01/27 - Making time

Of course we don't actually make time, we just change how we use it. What if we could move back and forth - would we get more done? Or would we get lost down some path and never find our way back? 

My future depends on choices made by myself and others, in the context of a changing physical environment. So, at any instant, an almost infinite set of futures lies ahead of me, some more likely than others mind you, but still shows that planning is mostly a matter of being optimistic about probabilities.
A time machine could trace the thread of my life backwards, but how would it choose a forward path? What if more than one of us wanted to go to the same future? Would there always be a thread where we did meet up? 

But - for now - we can't bounce around the timeline. Time is something some have to much of, but most not enough of. Some like to think they are busier than others as they use up time, meaning they think whatever they are doing is much more important to the welfare of humankind and the ongoing rotation of the earth - but that's not usually true. We are all busy-busy-busy doing something - even if it's gazing out a window or sleeping, or, at the end, busy being dead. All we can really do is adjust priorities and pick a task - or pretend multi-tasking actually works. Right - as if our brain were actually a set of parallel processors!

As you can guess, still battling with priorities here. Top of the list is still editing my novels. Not a favorite task, so I keep thinking of new things that need to be done to procrastinate doing that. Not always that bad, as I did get the Christmas decorations put away today. 

Since last check in:

  • writing - nope, no new Flash. Just this brief check in and some FaceBook stuff
  • publishing/editing - Have been doing some editing still. Got some good feedback on a Flash I submitted for a critique, which will improve that one as well as others I'll eventually be re-editing for submission. 
  • other - birthday dinner with my daughter. Nice. Chili and board games with friends. Also nice. Global History course still going well, I like it. Christmas decorations down and boxed up. 

Next? I did this before, I'll try again. Here's my optimistic plans, in order of priority:

  • editing - first thing, with morning coffee. Commit to an hour, hope for two. Not that much fun, but nobody said the life was a bowl of cherries. At least no writers I know.
  • writing - really want to keep going on Flash. One hour a day should be enough to do two a week.
  • publishing - critiquing others, getting critiqued, sending stories out. I'll try an hour a day. 
  • courses - Global History in week 2 - going well. It's rated at 4-6 hours a week, for videos, notes, and easy quiz. On Monday two more courses start up - Astrobiology - 3-4 hours - and Philosophy - 2-3 hours. I know - why sign up for all these with editing to be done? They're down near the bottom of the priority list, so if I get them done - fine. If not - still fine.
  • reading - I do have some books on the 'to be read' pile - for a book club as well as various ones recommended as good examples of the craft. Down here at the bottom of the list, to be done while sitting in a cafe or pub.



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Kelli Callahan

Congratulations on getting the Christmas decorations put away. That might be more exhausting than preparing for Christmas itself. :) There are still a lot of houses in my neighborhood with their holiday stuff still up. Good luck on the editing!

Shan Jeniah Burton

It sounds like you're in one of those phases I've labeled 'Ebb Tides'. I'm learning to roll with them, because it seems that a hugely productive time comes after...but not if I push myself...

I genuinely am a lifelong multitasker - I focus better with a TV on, my computer chock full of projects to dance between, and frequently jumping up to tend to home, or to hug children, or...

So, maybe some of us are good at wide-angle focus, and others thrive on micro...?

At any rate, I always enjoy reading what you're up to, and I wish you well at hitting those targets...and maybe those classes will give you ideas you can use in your editing...

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