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ROW80-1 check in - Finally, a story

After a few weeks off, I did another Flash Fiction last night. Was a prompt using one of three opening lines. and the theme was inspired - for me - by a recent eveny in the area. Sad story, but had to be told. Allso caught up on my weekly critiques I'm doing, and have actaully started doing editing again. Next few days full too - two books to read by Sunday, babysit grandchild tomorrow, videos for online course by Monday, maybe another Flash Fiction for Friday - and editing. Better get this post done and get at 'er. 

  • Writing
    • As mentioned, story done for Flash Fiction Friday. 
    • ROW80 check in - late but doing it
    • Critique a story on Critters.org - sent last night
    • Book clubs - started Half-Blood Blues
  • Publishing
    • Editing OK - sometimes even more than an hour a day 
  • Other
    • Health - Daily yoga and core strengthening exercises, as well as sticking to my diet
    • Band - rehearsal Tuesday night 

Next few days:

  • maybe another Flash Fiction
  • read a lot
  • editing
  • grandkids. Practice trombone. Dynamite Motel playing locally - on my schedule


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Beth Camp

Powerful story for Alison. I appreciate the discipline that has you writing flash fiction. The prompts from Flash Fiction Friday looked particularly evocative. And the update for ROW80 is well organized and succinct, with steady progress. Not sure how editing falls under publishing but maybe it's getting-ready-to-publish? May your coming week go well.

Cate Russell-Cole

Hi Mike, I've been reading your posts for a few months and it's always great to see what you've been up to. Your consistency in output is great.

Sometimes sad stories really need to be told. I've been doing family history research for a friend and a lot of incredibly sad things have come up (and some juicy skeletons are dancing in the closets). We honour people by telling the whole story: not a glossed over, convenient, shallow version.

Keep up the momentum. I hope 2013 is very good to you.


Cate/Beth - thanks for the compliments. This story came together relatively easily - sometimes a prompt clicks right away with something already waiting to come out.
Glad I happened on ROW80 a year ago, it does give me the push to keep going - including editing. I decided to put that under the publishing umbrella because I had a lot of stories, and some novels, that were written and left - I'd done the first push to get the words out and could leave them at that. Next step - doing something with them - meant doing some serious editing.

Pam Baddeley

Well done with your disciplined approach. Keep at it!

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