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ROW80-1 check in - 02/17 - Wandering virus

I've had a cold for a few days that seems to want to wander - first it's in my nose, then my throat, then my chest, back to the nose. Hopefully it will eventually get bored and move out. Sleep is erratic, and my day has a few naps added into it, but In spite of this, I have been doing OK, following my passion. That's what writing is for me, a passion, composing stories plus all the related writery things I add on. 2013 02 17_0002

I like the initial challenge of what to write, sometimes with the suggestion and constraint of a prompt from some web site. Sometimes there's a flash of inspiration right away, sometimes the story sits for a few days in a corner of my mind, either way there's the rush of the idea for a slant to the story, maybe a unique character, a twist for the ending. Have to have a twist. Then the excitement of filling in the blanks, crafting an intro, some development and conflict, good dialogue, a careful wrap up at the end, some overall tweaking.  Finally, there's the excitement of knowing you nailed it - that it's a good story. After that - feedback from others on your work is icing on the cake. 

So - the past few days?

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After Life

This week's prompt from Flash Fiction Friday was to write about the afterlife. A different sort of one, with a story associated with it.  

Your challenge: write a story that includes an afterlife. Bonus points if you create a totally new and original version of it. And remember, it should be a story – with characters, where something happens – and not just a description of your imagined next life.

1200 words max. 

Here's mine - thx to Millie for the ideas. This came in originally just under 1200, but as I went back and tweaked it crept over 1500 words.

After Life

"John, where are we?"

He seemed to be floating in a cloud of white, featureless, without smells or sounds. Other than his wife's voice.

"I'm not sure Marsha," he said, "but I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. How do you feel?"

"The pain is gone," she said. "That's a relief. Does this mean they found a cure for my cancer? Was I in a coma or something?"

"I don't think so," said John. "I saw you die, and I'm pretty sure my own bullet for me was fatal. I couldn't have missed. No, I think we've somehow moved on to something else."

"You mean to some sort of afterlife?" she said. "We're atheists, we both know this doesn't exist."

"And yet here you are," said a voice.

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ROW80-1 check in - 02/13 - now I'm cookin'

 Both at the stove and the computer.

I boiled up another picnic shoulder ham, so have lots of sliced ham now as well as chunks for casseroles. Also made a big batch of chicken with mushrooms and leeks, and a tray of wings. Now my freezer is all  stocked up for me with plastic containers and bags of goodness, as well as a selection of extras for a visit to my grandkids today. Not that my cooking is that exciting to the world, just to show that when self-employed it's easier to let these things simmer and bake while doing other things.

Other things such as editing. Looks like I'm back in the groove on that, for a few days now. I have redone some more scenes, boosted up action, characters, description -  mostly based on notes I made to my printout. Progress is slow, but it is progress, even if only an hour or so a day. Sometimes, goes on a little longer, when I get on a roll. I do realize this is only the first of several passes through this first edit, as this was more structural, looking at the overall layout. Subsequent passes will drill down into more detail.


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ROW80-1 check in - 02/10 - a little less?

I missed last Wednesday, just wasn't a lot to update it seemed. Not that much more now, but I think the point of these posts is to not just report, but to give us a chance to nudge ourselves, to be public about our successes and failures, to receive and give feedback. We're sort of halfway through the 80 days, so maybe a good post to reflect and refocus yet again! 

I have been doing less writing this session, but doing more work on my courses. Not that I still don't have writing time - just doing less. My biggest workload is the Modern History course - very interesting, but lots of videos, notes to take, quizzes. I'm on week 4 of 15 now of it, so hate to drop out. But - it is free, and will come around again. I would also like to get going on editing, but that seems to be an early morning or nothing task - too easy to get distracted by life. As I am doing now - blogging instead of editing.

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