The Skull
ROW80-1 check in - 02/10 - a little less?

ROW80-1 check in - 02/03 - back to school

As mentioned before, I'm taking several online courses via Coursera. It's a great new idea in education, all these free online courses - the challenge is to pick which ones. And - for me - to save some time for editing. The past few days have been mainly on these courses, trying to get caught up for the week's work, but I did manage to slide in some writing and editing.

  • Editing - not a lot, but some. At least I'm keeping the pages frm getting dusty.
  • Writing - I did a Flash Fiction for Terrible Minds challenge - based on a skull. Could be expanded into more of a story - another time. 
  • Other 
    • Courses - Finished week 3 of Modern World, plus quiz. Working on Astrobiology and Philosophy courses for the week  - none of the courses are that hard, all very interesting.
    • Social - there were several good bands as local clubs this past weeekend, but I'd already blown my entertainment budget for the week so stayed home and worked. Nothing Superbowl related for me - not really into sports, especially overpaid and overhyped ones that cause CTE. No - wait - I did have a super bowl of homemade chili.

Coming up - finish above two courses. Back to editing. Book club meeting for Kiss and Make-up. Back to editing. Trombone practice with the band.


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Shan Jeniah Burton

I love the idea of free online learning. I haven't dipped my toes in yet, but, in a few more years, when my children are more grown, I suspect I will be indulging...

More than that, it makes me happy for my children, who will have so many more options than any generation before them to design their own learning lives, as they have been doing...

alberta ross

sound interesting those courses, however I have no time to spare - I used to take every advantage - hope the super bowl of chilli was truely super super:)

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