ROW80-1 check in - 02/03 - back to school
ROW80-1 check in - 02/13 - now I'm cookin'

ROW80-1 check in - 02/10 - a little less?

I missed last Wednesday, just wasn't a lot to update it seemed. Not that much more now, but I think the point of these posts is to not just report, but to give us a chance to nudge ourselves, to be public about our successes and failures, to receive and give feedback. We're sort of halfway through the 80 days, so maybe a good post to reflect and refocus yet again! 

I have been doing less writing this session, but doing more work on my courses. Not that I still don't have writing time - just doing less. My biggest workload is the Modern History course - very interesting, but lots of videos, notes to take, quizzes. I'm on week 4 of 15 now of it, so hate to drop out. But - it is free, and will come around again. I would also like to get going on editing, but that seems to be an early morning or nothing task - too easy to get distracted by life. As I am doing now - blogging instead of editing.

So - status for the past week:

  • Editing -  I have done a few more scenes on Novel #1, so I'm about 2/3 done now. I've been reading - off and on - The Writing and Critique Group Survival Guide, by Becky Levine. Not that I'm actually in a group, but I have been doing some online critiques, looking at what works and what doesn't work. Plus - the advice on what to look for when critiquing of course helps guide what to put in my own writing - or what to take out. I've also been reading as a writer for my two book clubs - again, good practice. All to say, my editing is getting better - when I do it - and I'm getting a good idea as to what to look for on the next few rounds. I'm still not completely happy with the overall structure - order of scenes, content, the relative focus of each one, positive or negative emphasis - but my editing program, Scrivener, now can print out index cards of the scenes to shuffle to my heart's content. That may be a good thing or a bad thing. 
  • Writing - no new Flash Fiction lately. I did do my book review for my Sci-Fi book club, and sent it in to our newsletter, along with a copy of a recent story. I'd edited the story based on some good feedback from the site Absolute Write.
  • Other - a lot of other it seems.
    • Started watching the series Combat Hospital - up to episode 10 now so should soon be finished.
    • Courses - up to date - so far - on all three. Want to keep Astrobiology and Philosophy for sure. 
    • Book clubs - met to discuss Kiss and Make-up - by Simmons. Very interesting discussion on the book itself, on Simmons, on biographies, on the mystique of stars. Several good questions to the group - the final one being 'Would you do him?" Interesting responses. The discussion then wandered off - as always - this time ending up in a long discussion on how to fit a bra properly and where to buy one. And on the annoyance of age and sagging bits. 
    • Internet - once again tried to get Bell to send a technician to do an upgrade - process failed again. I decided to wait until they fix the process, rather than stay around for a third appointment. 
    • Health - doing OK - still walking, even if snowy, and watching the calories too. Pounds slowly slipping away.

Upcoming? I don't know - better resolve? 




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Kelli Callahan

I know that we are supposed to check in twice a week, but I sometimes find that difficult as well. I feel like I'm just saying the same things, over and over. I just started using Scrivener and I really like it so far. Have a wonderful week!

alberta ross

sagging bits are the devil:) sounds like a good steady pace there - I knew from the start I wouldnt be checking in twice a week - and i missed my one this week as well not sure why must do better - however you are doing well - all the best for this weeks 'better resolve'

Beth Camp

I definitely agree about editing in the morning (or it seems not to get done). Twice a week for reporting in also can be challenging, but the intent of ROW80 is to encourage us to be more focused about our goals and how we actually work to achieve them. Since I'm working on the marketing side as well as the writing side,reading other ROW80 participants has been most encouraging. May your week go well -- even with walks in the snow!


Thx all for the comments.
I sometimes find that once I push myself to check in, and look at the past few days, I find some successes after all.

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