ROW80-1 check in - 02/10 - a little less?
After Life

ROW80-1 check in - 02/13 - now I'm cookin'

 Both at the stove and the computer.

I boiled up another picnic shoulder ham, so have lots of sliced ham now as well as chunks for casseroles. Also made a big batch of chicken with mushrooms and leeks, and a tray of wings. Now my freezer is all  stocked up for me with plastic containers and bags of goodness, as well as a selection of extras for a visit to my grandkids today. Not that my cooking is that exciting to the world, just to show that when self-employed it's easier to let these things simmer and bake while doing other things.

Other things such as editing. Looks like I'm back in the groove on that, for a few days now. I have redone some more scenes, boosted up action, characters, description -  mostly based on notes I made to my printout. Progress is slow, but it is progress, even if only an hour or so a day. Sometimes, goes on a little longer, when I get on a roll. I do realize this is only the first of several passes through this first edit, as this was more structural, looking at the overall layout. Subsequent passes will drill down into more detail.


  • Editing - like I said, several more scenes. 
  • Writing - other than these posts - none. Did see an intriguing prompt though, maybe will try something.
  • Other
    • TV - finished the 13 episodes of Combat Hospital
    • Book club - I have Up and Down due this Sunday, but only one chapter done so far. 
    • Courses - finally dropped the Modern History one. It will come around again I'm sure.

Next? Grandkids today, then see if journalist friends are at the local tavern. 




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Lots of good stuff going on! I really love the idea of preparing big batches of food and having nice packets of homemade stuff in the freezer. Someday I will get organized enough to follow your example on that. Hope the visit with the grandkids was lots of fun!

Shan Jeniah Burton

Mike -

I wonder if you would be making the same progress if you hadn't set your new area up by the stove, or if you weren't cooking.

Maybe they are part of the same recipe....

At any rate, I am happy for your success. I feel big things coming for you! =D


Grandkids visit went well, as is being creative in the kitchen - editing and cooking.

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