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ROW80-1 check in - 02/17 - Wandering virus

I've had a cold for a few days that seems to want to wander - first it's in my nose, then my throat, then my chest, back to the nose. Hopefully it will eventually get bored and move out. Sleep is erratic, and my day has a few naps added into it, but In spite of this, I have been doing OK, following my passion. That's what writing is for me, a passion, composing stories plus all the related writery things I add on. 2013 02 17_0002

I like the initial challenge of what to write, sometimes with the suggestion and constraint of a prompt from some web site. Sometimes there's a flash of inspiration right away, sometimes the story sits for a few days in a corner of my mind, either way there's the rush of the idea for a slant to the story, maybe a unique character, a twist for the ending. Have to have a twist. Then the excitement of filling in the blanks, crafting an intro, some development and conflict, good dialogue, a careful wrap up at the end, some overall tweaking.  Finally, there's the excitement of knowing you nailed it - that it's a good story. After that - feedback from others on your work is icing on the cake. 

So - the past few days?

  • Editing - Not as exciting as creating from nothing, but it still is nice to add in a few lines, shift around some passages, delete a bit, and see it all 'click' into something better. Which I have been doing - a few scenes worth.
  • Writing - Did another story for Flash Fiction Friday's - about the after life. I also sent it in to a newsletter for a group I belong to - no money, and a limited circulation, but hopefully will elicit some feedback.
  • Other
    • Book Clubs - I finished Up and Down for my meeting today. Working on Cool Water for the other club. I'm also reading a book by Tony Hillerman, The Blessing Way. It blends detective work and First Nations culture - since my first two novels do that I thought it might help. 
    • Courses - Keeping pace on both, Astrobiology and Philosophy. Love this concept of free online courses, for the masses. Over 35,000 enrolled in the Astrobiology one.
    • Social - Still getting out to coffee shops and pubs to work on writing/reading and chat with people I meet. And perhaps add them to a story. Brought a selection of Phineas and Ferb Valentine cards with me, for the various ladies I met. I even included some stick on tattoos. Just the kind of cards you'd exchange back in public school, but I think were all the more appreciated for that. Got a lot of smiles, and a few hugs. Hopefully none of them caught my cold.  Did some grandkid visits of course, along with a drop off of containers of food. Both kids very creative - fun to challenge them and be challenged right back. 
    • Health - Poor - sneezing, coughing, napping. No cure yet for the common cold unfortunately. Many swear by their own remedies, yet the cold still seems to be here. I do like NeoCitran, for its treatment of symptoms - decongestant, lemony taste, and the side effect of drowsiness. Or maybe that's from the shot of rum added in.


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