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ROW80-1 check in - 02/24 - Making a scene

ROW80-1 check in - 02/20 - sidetracked

I had been doing well all week, was ready to do the Wednesday post this morning (Thursday - only a few hours late) when I got a call from my son. Sick stomach, sprawled on the couch with a 3 yr old tearing the house apart. He's a stay at home dad. So - Plan B, over to babysit for the day, and meet the 5 yr old's school bus. Had fun - me and the grandkids I mean, not my son - but now catching up on check in.

And on my editing for the day. I've been doing surprisingly well this week, not just suffering through an hour every day but actually keeping at it and enjoying it. My secret? I asked a publisher friend, his advice was:

"My key to motivation is always to return to a detailed outline to remind me what I am trying to achieve. Other than that, become a hermit for a while and start writing early in the morning"

In other words, just do it. 


  • Editing - more. As in several scenes, for a few hours a day. 
  • Writing - did another story for Flash Fiction Friday, featuring a door. Not that cheerful a story, but has a lot of possibilities for expansion. 
  • Other
    • Book club(s) - Good discussion of Up and Down, but only two of us showed up. Rereading Cool Water still for another club, due early March. Nine members or so, but always a few will show up without reading the book. Some say no time. We have a month, all have the same number of hours, how slow a reader are you if you're in a book club?. Some say couldn't get into it. We pick award winning books for the most part, so it's not as if they are terrible writing. Some say not their kind of book. Which - I thought - was part of the reason for a club, to be exposed to books you wouldn't ordinarily read, and discuss them with others. Sorry - a bit of a rant there - obviously an issue with me. All are still welcome, as we use the book to segue into many other discussions, while we nibble on snacks and swill wine. 
    • Courses - dropped Philosophy. It was OK, not a lot of time/effort, but can always pick up another time. 
    • Social - grand kids, of course. Friends at cafes and pubs.
    • Health - more better than a few days ago - at least my ribs don't hurt anymore when I cough. 
    • BOINC - have several apps churning away overnight, now trying to get Test4Theory app running. It runs in an Oracle Virtual machine on my PC, doing particle collision simulations for the physicists using the Large Hadron Collider. I know - nothing to do with editing, but is still pretty cool.
Rest of the week? Irish Night at a local pub tonight, with a number of fiddle/guitar/penny whistle artists taking turns leading the jam. It does seem to be all variations on the same diddle-diddle-dee song but is still entertaining. A bit of editing then I'm out of here.


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