ROW80-1 check in - 02/20 - sidetracked
Little Bones

ROW80-1 check in - 02/24 - Making a scene

I've been editing away at my first novel, and progressing quite well lately - now at page 262 of 316. First of what will be several passes I'm sure. I'd printed it out, took up a pen, and made notes as I read. Some scenes got moved around, some edited, some added or deleted. Dialogue was tweaked, long passages broken up. Now I'm putting this all online, but as I work through I realize there may be some basic problems.

I've read and learned since I did this in 2010, so now, structurally, I want to use a three act plan, with turning points, and a storyboard approach, with a "W" flow of falling and rising action. This novel sort of follows that, but needs a bit of re-arranging forst. Luckily, Scrivener now lest you print out your Index Card outline on - index cards. Avery forms are on order.

A bigger problem is the scenes. Most are not nearly as exciting or interesting as the Flash Fiction I write. I've been reminded to keep my outline handy as I edit, to remind me of things like theme, plot, sub-plot, main goals and obstacles. Each scene needs to contribute to those elements, and has to do it in an interesting way, structured internally with a kickoff, an issue, resolution or complication, and an ending that makes you want to keep reading. Easy talk - will be a challenge to implement it without too much change/damage.

So - the past few days?

  • Editing - as mentioned, going well each day. 
  • Writing - nothing new, although have had a number of helpful comments on my last Flash Fiction. I'm thinking of how to expand the story further, the mother and son making frequent visits to a parallel world of sorts. How do they develop and grow there, and how does it change their interactions with their 'old' world? How different is the other world? It could be a Robin Hood sort of place, could have trolls and elves, could have dragons and magic, could be the same Earth centuries in the future.
  • Other
    • Courses - last week of Astrobiology. Started a new one, Aboriginal Worldviews and Education. 
    • Health - restarted my diet, with help from MyFitnessPal app and website. Just helps track calories and exercise - nothing fancy. 
    • Reading - almost done Cool Water - making notes this time through, so a slower read.

Next? Edit, band, maybe some grandkids time.




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