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ROW80-1 check in - 03/17 - Quite a party

ROW80-1 check in - 03/13 - Test Drive

I like writing Flash Fiction stories, they're a fun way to take my ideas for a test drive. The variety of challenges - a word, a sentence, an image, or a setting - ensures I push my limits and try something different. It's not a long drive, and is often a last minute thing, more of a quick spin around the block, but I still learn from it. Sometimes it's a one time affair, sometimes I like where the characters and setting go and try out variations the next few times, like other models in a product line. 

I did this for my Flash Fiction Folk, and eventually used them in last year's NaNoWriMo novel. Right now I'm trying out an idea about a portal to another world, exploring the life of a woman that found herself but lost her husband, of a child that is growing and learning in two world and trying to blend the two. This could be another novel - I'll see how far the drive takes me.

Meanwhile - status report??

  • Editing - I'm working my way through novel #1 still, finding all the notes I left for myself n the text, changing various temporary names for real ones. I learned that using Find and Replace All to exchange the name Don for Charlie works quite well. Too well in fact, as all the 'Don't' words were changed to 'Charlie't', an interesting outcome.
  • Writing - Did another story for Flash Fiction Friday, on the portal theme I've been trying out. 
  • Other
    • Still busy with - and enjoying - my online Aboriginal course. Week 3 of 4 now.
    • Trains - I found my old HO train set from 25 or so years ago, and set up some with my grandson on my dining room table. This could be a new way for me to avoid editing.
    • TV/movies - I don't really miss having cable, I find rabbit ears do just fine. Or online movies - in the middle of watching The Rum Diary, with Johnny Depp. Love it.


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Shah Wharton

Rum Diary is a great movie - I do love Johnny :D

I have had my fair share of poop with the Find and Replace All, which is why I now Find and Replace each one individually - a quick check can save a lot of hassle later.

Best of luck with that edit - it's a tough stage to pass through (a million times!) - I'm working on the first draft of book two now and I'm finding it difficult to get into the swing of it. *Groan. X

Beth Camp

Hello, Mike. Is your aboriginal course with Coursera??? Also, I too use search and replace for name changes, but now use "find next" to make sure I'm not changing other terms! May your writing go well.

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