ROW80-1 check in - 03/13 - Test Drive
Making the Familiar Strange

ROW80-1 check in - 03/17 - Quite a party

I had good intentions of doing my check in last night, but fell asleep right after supper. St. Paddy's Day might 2013 03 17_0038a be ho-hum in Ireland, but at two of my locals it was hopping. The smaller place had their regular Thursday night Irish night folk gathered at the front, taking turns playing the never ending song for most of the afternoon. The place was jammed, with people  lined up three deep at the bar, reaching over each other for their pint. The patio was open too, with snow cleared off, but while it was sunny it was damn cold - maybe -10C, with a breeze. The other place, a traditional Ontario tavern, had a live band and a huge crowd - that's the photo on the right. Quarts of beer, Sam's traditional Lebanese Irish Stew, women all insisting that you kiss them. Service was good though - for regulars - I no sooner walked in than Angie handed me a Beau's Ale and pointed out a free seat. Was a good day for table hopping and meeting new people and old friends, but after a few hours I went home for supper - before the real crazies came out. 

But - back to the grind now - editing. 

Status update:

  • Editing - finished adding my changes into Novel #1. Now doing a quick re-read to make sure no glaring errors. 
  • Writing - Have been mulling over an idea for another 'portal story', maybe about Doppelgangers. Sometimes takes a few days for a story idea to jell. 
  • Other
    • Found a new 'other' to distract me. a web cam at a waterhole on a South Africa reserve. 
    • Courses - last week of Aboriginal studies course - very interesting, good discussions, but trying to not spend TOO much time on it. 
    • Model train and/or TV - NOT spending hours on either of these, a good thing.

Upcoming - I'd like to see how much editing I can get done by Friday. Novel #1 almost ready, Novel #2 needs just a quick sanity check I think. Would be good to be able to fire both off to an interested publisher that wants to see what I have so far. 





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Shan Burton


I always love reading how you blend your social and writing lives.

May you reach Friday with those editing goals behind you! :)

Eden Mabee

Sounds like you had just the right amount "o' the Irish" for you yesterday, Mike (though your tale about sitting on the deck in 1-10 degrees is.... BRRR!)

As for Doppelgangers... ooh!

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