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ROW80-1 check in - 03/24 - a publisher!

ROW80-1 check in - 03/21 - editing milestone

Big push this week on editing, especially this afternoon and evening. I finally finished the first edit of my first novel. I had to do a number of structural changes, plus assess all the additions and deletions I'd pencilled onto the printed copy. Then I had to type it all back in of course. Have created a PDF version now, ready for a select few to review. Next I'll do a quick review of my second novel, a continuation of the same story. Will be basically a sanity check before sending out for a high level assessment. I am happier with the way it turned out, compared to the first one. Could be the topic, or my increased writing skill, or the stronger structure I built it around. 

We've had a lot of snow, so it's been good weather to stay in and work by my kitchen window. Grandkids all have colds too, so good time to NOT spend an afternoon with them. Pushing for Friday afternoon for all this editing - reward will be off to the pub to chat with some journalist friends.


  • Editing - several hours Monday and Tuesday, marathon today. First novel first edit pass is done. Yay.
  • Writing
    • I did another Portal story, for Flash Fiction Friday. Did this to play with the setting and characters some more. Definitely potential for a novel. 
    • I also posted a short essay I did for a course I'm taking. 
  • Other
    • I've TWO African web cams to follow now - Pete's Pond and Djuma. Managing so far to restrain myself to a few quick checks. 
    • Courses - Aboriginal one has extended Quiz deadline to the middle of next week, so I'm on a break while I edit away.
    • Reading - on hold.





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