ROW80-2 check in - 04/07 - scenes and sequels
ROW80-2 check in - 05/08 - less stress

ROW80-2 check in - 04/28 - not dead, just resting

Honest, there still is life in me. Here I am with Sunday's check in - not only is it a day late, but it's the first I've done for several weeks for this Round.

What happened to me? Life got in the way. I found out that my landlord's grandaughter needed my apartment, so that she could move in and look after him. I was given July 1 vacancy date, a good warning, but I had assumed I would be here for a few more years. Nope, now I have to deal with finding a new place and packing. Too bad this had to happen right in the middle of an ambitious schedule for editing and publishing my novel. I thought I could have it all, but after a few sleepless nights I decided to manage my stress and dial back the editing hours a bit. 

So - the June launch is not likely going to happen, but I have still kept at it. Second edit is now done and off to my beta reader. I went through first and reviewed all the Scenes to see if the scene/sequel labels would help them. After that, they were rearranged, pumped up, toned down, slotted into chapters, then send for review.  I've started a third edit pass, to incorporate some of the beta feedback and check for things like character development and dialogue/narrative balance, and finally send it to my publisher. He'll have edits I'm sure, hopefully minor at this stage. Then it's merge those in, off to copy editor, review, off to proofreader, review, off to Amazon and Smashwords, and LAUNCH! Oh - and be showered with fame and fortune.  

I'm still doing other things like book clubs and coffee at my cafe and my walks and Doctor Who - just not as much. Tonight I went downtown for a book reading. Seven authors, all fiction, all different, all good. I think it's important to listen to other author's styles, paying attention to what works for you, what doesn't. I also met a number of interesting people too - good contacts for their own sake but also as potential reviewers when Kirk's Landing gets online.



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Lauralynn Elliott

Life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? I've had issues lately that have interfered with my writing, too. We just have to do the best we can and know that the writing will always be there waiting for us. Good luck finding a new place. I know that's hard sometimes.

Pam Baddeley

That's tough but you've done well to keep plugging away at your work. Hang in there. I hope you find a new place soon.

Shan Jeniah Burton


I hope you find an even more perfect place to live, where you can still have your same coffee place, and get settled in to finish your editing and get that launch underway.

I send you strength and endurance.

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