ROW80-2 check in - 04/28 - not dead, just resting
ROW80-2 check in - 05/22 - a pause

ROW80-2 check in - 05/08 - less stress

I finally found a new apartment. It's in this same area, within my price range, meeting all my must-have's and most of the maybe's. It's on the main floor of a duplex, with a quiet landlady upstairs, a bright nook in the back to write in, and a shady back yard to think in. Take possession next week, so I can do a leisurely move between now and the end of the month. That's a load of stress gone.

Now, instead of checking ads and visiting apartments, I have to start packing boxes. Or perhaps taping up the ones I never really unpacked. 

I have been doing some editing every day, though, just to keep on a roll. This is to incorporate some of the changes a beta reader has added, along with my own notes of course. Then - to another beta reader - or two - before sending to my publisher/editor. The initial schedule had been a June launch in time for the summer reading season, but I'll have to see how the whole packing/moving/unpacking goes. 

I'll take a stab at my ROW80 objectives this session, but to be honest, not as much progress as planned: 

  • Publishing - I'm editing stadily, although sometimes sparesly. 
  • Writing - none - miss it but no time really right now. 
  • Book Clubs - we just did Sarah's Key - an OK book. Most of the group shared the same opinion - Sarah's story well done and very interesting, but Julia's? We didn't really care what happened to her. 
  • Other - looking for an apartment - and finding one.

Upcoming - get some boxes. Pack my stuff, move my stuff, then unpack my stuff. When I need a break - edit. When I need a break from that - go for a walk and grab a coffee or a pint. 


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Buffy Greentree

Oh, I feel your pain. Quite enjoy moving, completely hate packing and unpacking. At first it seems to be going okay, but then you have thousands of boxes and still half your stuff spread across your apartment. And you always get left with those things that you don't really know what to do with, but are too afraid to throw out in case you do need them later. (Or you are brave and throw them out, only to be proven correct that you did need them.) And then you always find you have just packed at the bottom of a box that thing you really need right now.
So if you can get even editing done in the midst of that, well done!

AmyBeth Inverness

I don't mind unpacking, but packing kills me. I hate figuring out what to keep and what to throw. It sounds like a good move for you though!

Sione Aeschliman (@writelearndream)

Looking for an apartment is right up there on my list of hate-to-do's along with looking for a job, so I feel excited for you that you found one you like. Yay! And you still have energy to get some editing done? I tip my hat to you, sir. Well, I mean I *would* tip my hat if I were wearing one. ;*)

Beth Camp

That back yard sunny spot sounds very nice -- as does the quiet, so I hope your new apartment works out well for continued writing and editing. I just read somewhere that writers should avoid launching in the summer time, so maybe if your launch gets postponed until September, it would be a good. We've now been in our apartment for 3 years. I love the view, my office for writing, but I'm still unpackinga few boxes and deciding what to let go of. May this move be a good one for you AND your writing! Beth

Eden Mabee

Echoes of moves past, packing....retaping those boxes that were never unpacked is too familiar.

At least the new place sounds like what you were looking for. That counts for a lot. And actually seeing the end of the upheaval process counts for a ton. Congrats.

Sounds like you're writing schedule is tight, but doable. Will keep fingers (somewhat) crossed for you... except where it will interfere with typing.

Take care.

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